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Anyone under the age of 30 likely remembers the Disney Channel years of twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse. But fans want to see Dylan join Cole on 'Riverdale'.

When 'Riverdale' returns for season 5, two parents will bid adieu to the show. But Skeet Ulrich is opening up about why he's leaving FP Jones behind.

'Riverdale' has definitely had some insane episodes over the years. But the season 4 finale may have just hit a new high. We go over everything 'Riverdale'.

The 'Archie' comics over recent years have been praised for the asexual representation in the form of Jughead Jones. So when will 'Riverdale' do the same?

Skeet Ulrich is finally making his departure from Riverdale. So, what does FP Jones leaving mean for the recently resurrected Jughead?