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He's dumb! He's oblivious! He brought garden sheers to a gun fight! He's Archie Andrews! Celebrate 'Riverdale''s bad writing with these hilarious memes.

‘Riverdale’: The best memes proving how much of an idiot Archie is

Oh, Archie Andrews. Riverdale’s resident protagonist and dumb well-meaning hot guy has made quite a name for himself on the show. Whether it’s his privileged ignorance or his tendency to break up bands and relationships, KJ Apa’s Archie Andrews is a walking meme among men. Here are some of Archie’s best moments.

Get your head in the game 

Is it far off that Troy Bolton would find himself in Riverdale with Archie and the rest of the gang? No. In fact, these two idiots get along like gangbusters due to their natural athletic talent and mediocre singing ability. They have the passion, though!

Sexual “healing”

There’s a saying: men have two heads and only enough blood to power one at a time. We all know which head is getting the most blood flow. 

He’s oblivious

No matter how dark or absurd everyone else’s problems are, Archie’s situation always seems worse, because he can’t handle everyday little problems.


First Archie rejects Betty. Then he’s an a-hole to her and Jug because she found someone who likes her back. You can’t have it both ways, Archie. 

Take it off

Why is Archie naked all the time? Why does every situation call for nipples? There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, and while K.J. Apa certainly has the Riverdale body, we’ve seen enough.


The dude is so worried about himself. Half of Riverdale’s problems could be solved if Archie thought about other people and the repercussions of his actions. 


Archie just doesn’t make sense. First he’s serious and claims he’s gonna do something, but then he goes and does the opposite. This is a recurring plot device the Riverdale writers rely on a lot. At this point it’s predictable, lazy, and downright annoying.

Sheer dumb luck

Let it be ever remembered that Archie Andrews from the television show Riverdale brought gardening shears to a gun fight. Season 3 episode 7. It happened, people. Deal with it.

What’s your favorite dumb Archie moment from The CW’s Riverdale? Let us know below.

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