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2019 & 2020 saw a surge in the number of people watching Korean dramas. Here's our thirsty black hole of shirtless Korean drama stars.

For research purposes: Here are the hottest shirtless Korean drama stars

2019 & 2020 saw a surge in the number of people watching Korean dramas all around the world. Asian television in general seems to be gaining popularity everywhere, but Korea is really slaying. Thrillers, romance, drama, and now BL too: Korea has something for everyone. 

Featuring well developed storylines coupled with a high production quality, content in Korea is certainly leading the charge in Asian television right now. Along with a worldwide appreciation of the television coming out of the region, fans all over the world are taking to social media, thirsting over the actors coming out in these involving shows. 

Anyone with eyes can see why. Korea has it going on. Come with us as we pick our jaws up off the floor and journey through the thirsty black hole of shirtless Korean drama stars

Sung Hoon

Considered quite the heartthrob in the land of K-drama, Sung Hoon is no stranger to working out. Prior to becoming an actor, Sung Hoon went to university where he earned himself a degree in social physical education. Also a professional athlete, the man was a competitive swimmer for fourteen years before retiring due to injury. 

Sung Hoon took his swimmer bod into the world of acting and has had a successful on-screen career. We can see why! Standing at 184cm tall, the man is beautiful. Sung Hoon is active on social media and has a reputation for replying to fans frequently. Sounds like an all-around winner to us!

Ji Chang Wook

A highly popular choice among Korean drama enthusiasts, Ji Chang Wook rose to popularity in South Korea in the drama Smile Again. Since then, Ji Chang Wook has starred in multiple successful television series. 

Like all Koreans, Ji Chang Wook entered his mandatory military service in 2017. He thrived in this environment and was promoted up the ranks relatively quickly. At the time of discharge in 2019, Ji Chang Wook had earned himself the ranking of sergeant. Since leaving the military, Hi Chang Wook has resumed his place in the K-drama industry. 

A quick Google search of this fella yields impressive results. If Ji Chang Wook’s acting skills weren’t enough to skyrocket him to stardom in South Korea, his body certainly is.

Park Seo Joon

Someone please call the fire department – Park Seo Joon’s abs are on fire. While you’re at it, you might need to get some first responders out here to revive those that might have suddenly stopped breathing! Abdominals for days, perfect sinewy arms, and a sculpted chest to boot, it’s no wonder the internet is full of shirtless images of this dude. 

In all seriousness though, Park Seo Joon is known in South Korea for being more than a pretty face and a beautiful body. Park Seo Joon completed his mandatory military service before breaking into the K-drama industry, but it didn’t take long for his transition to occur upon discharge. 

Having left service in 2010, Park Seo Joon made his Korean drama entertainment debut in 2011. The man has been a staple on Korean television screens ever since, and we haven’t shied away from telling you all about him.

Hyun Bin 

Like many other K-drama heartthrobs, Hyun Bin debuted and began his career in the K-drama world before his military service. Off to a rocky start, his first project in 2002 never made it to the air due to a lack of funding. 

By 2011, Hyun Bin had established himself as a household heartthrob. He then completed his mandatory military service. Upon his discharge twenty-one months later, Hyun Bin slid back into his place as king of the K-drama world. 

Still wildly popular today, we dare you to view shirtless Hyun Bin photos without breaking a sweat.

Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin’s shirtless photos are plastered all over the internet, but we totally get it! Utterly ripped in all the right places, this beautiful body also comes attached to a beautiful face. The whole darn package is almost too much to bear. Bless the Korean drama industry for gifting the world with this specimen. 

Apart from his beautiful body, Park Hae Jin is best known for his role in the series East of Eden. Now a popular name in Korea, Park Hae Jin has also been known to show up in Chinese dramas. Park Hae Jin also sings, and we were completely unsurprised to learn that he has also led a successful modeling career.

A surplus of Park Hae Jin content is available to be consumed both on the internet and on screens. Check out our other pieces about this excellent performer.

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