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Jughead has returned to the town of Riverdale! Have you been missing Bughead? Let's take a look at Jughead & Betty's most adorable moments together.

Bughead for life: The best ‘Riverdale’ moments between Betty and Jughead

Let’s be real, if it wasn’t for the intense relationships in Riverdale, we probably wouldn’t be so invested in it. And with Bughead officially over . . . (Oops spoiler alert!) We can’t help but go back and relive some of the most iconic moments in between Riverdale High’s Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) & Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). 

Bughead begins

Besides Betty & Jughead’s own family drama, the two high school students’ first mission is to bring back Riverdale High’s paper The Blue & Gold. Though the couple think this is for the good of the school, it was clearly just to spend more time together. At the end of the day, this was the beginning of a beautiful couple in season 1, episode 3. 

Jason Blossom’s funeral

Jason Blossom’s funeral was definitely a sad affair with Cheryl mourning her twin’s death and the rest of Riverdale looking for the killer. But it was also the moment Betty & Jughead were the cutest pair when they looked at each other in total awe. Season 1, episode 5, may have had a funeral, but with Jughead in a suit and Betty in a stunning dress, the day wasn’t all bad. 

No need to worry

In season 1, episode 6 of Riverdale, Jughead & Betty share their first kiss after Betty can’t stop worrying about who she truly is or who she’d one day become thanks to her dark family genes. And when Jughead fails to talk some sense into the teenage journalist/detective, he pops the perfect liplock! 

Hello, friends

While Archie & Veronica might be trying to help Betty with the Blackhood scare, we’ve got to take a moment to appreciate the cutest Jughead moment of them all – Jughead makes it official! In the season 1 episode 7, Jughead consoles Betty and wraps his arm around her in front of their friends. In Riverdale High, this was the equivalent to an Instagram post. 

Three words

In Riverdale  season 1, episode 13, the couple were feeling defeated after Jughead’s father FP Jones is stuck in jail. Tensions were high for Bughead, so we weren’t surprised when Jughead finally told Betty that he loves her. In fact, we were expecting some fireworks. Come on, Serpents! 

Let’s run away together!

Riverdale season 2, episode 5 brings the Bughead couple back together! When Jughead & Betty see each other in Pop’s Diner, Jughead tells Betty: “Betty Cooper. You are a sight for sore eyes.” They immediately kiss and catch up after their time apart. 

Bughead may have gone through a tough time when they weren’t snooping around together, but Jughead confesses to his long lost love: “I wish we could just go, just hop on my motorcycle and just leave Riverdale. Just go someplace where there’s no North Side or South Side or Serpents, Ghoulies.” And we wish they did! 😢. 

Most wonderful time of the year

After such a crazy time in Riverdale, Bughead deserved the best Christmas in season 2, episode 9. However, the couple broke up and had the most awkward exchange of gifts considering that they actually bought each other exactly what they wanted! Jughead got Betty a 1987 copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison, and Betty bought Jug a classic typewriter. These gifts scream: “I still love you!”

Serpent King

Bughead was the ultimate “power couple” in Riverdale season 2, episode 17, when Jughead brought his fellow serpents to the Cooper’s household to teach a couple of criminals a lesson. Thanks to Jughead’s great save, Betty’s family could go back to living in their “respected” Riverdale home. 

Serpent Queen

Though Alice Cooper doesn’t agree with Betty’s living arrangements in season 2, episode 22, Jughead officially asks Betty to be his “Serpent Queen”! And obviously love-brained Betty replies with “of course”.

Bughead’s beanie

Just before Riverdale undergoes another mystery, Betty & Jughead have the most romantic conversation in the woods. In season 3, episode 1, Jughead gives Betty his beanie and expresses his underlying love to his partner: “From now on, we’re partners. In Serpents, in life, all of it, OK?” And Betty nods, smiles and is mesmerized by Jughead’s sweet gesture. Can we get a Bughead in every series? 

Do you miss Bughead? Or are you on team Barchie? Let us know in the comments below. 

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