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Instagram can be used for business means. Here are some tips on how to improve Instagram post engagement across the board.

How to improve Instagram post engagement: 4 tips

Welcome to the world of social media where everybody desires to be a hero. The virtual world has taken the internet by storm. Here we are talking about your favorite platform. It’s none other than Instagram. Launched nearly a decade ago, it has garnered the interest of celebrities and masses alike. 

This article is a complete guide for brands, businesses, marketers, or individuals that desire more engagement and a higher reach on Instagram. It will help you to get more Instagram likes, comments, and shares in a short time-frame. Our digital marketing team researched thoroughly and came up with 4 tips and tricks that will drive traffic and engagement to your account. Read the complete article and be a rising star on Instagram.

Use all of Instagram’s features

Do you want to unleash the complete potential of Instagram? If yes, then you need to have a knack for all the hidden potentialities of this social media platform. 

We recommend a perfect blend of different type of content that is captivating for your users. Here are the parameters that will enable you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Instagram for business

This is the ideal option for brands that want a “business” account. you may want to start there. The best part about these accounts is that they give you extra analytics and access to ads. 

You can also include a link in stories for more engagement. This feature creates a win-win situation for your business and customers. Needless to say, this will drive more traffic to your site. 

Use different content formats

Content is the king of the digital kingdom. Accordingly, you need captivating content that will generate revenue for your business by inducing potential buyers. 

Get ready to leverage the power of stories, videos, carousel posts, ads, and highlights for exceptional results. Choose the right type that gives the highest engagement rate.

Instagram’s analytics

This breakthrough tool is available on business accounts. It unlocks the portal to infinite possibilities that will improve your Instagram performance. 

Schedule Instagram posts for peak times

Despite an effective tip, this feature is yet unknown to the masses. The API change from Instagram has given impetus to this feature and now you don’t need to be online each time you post. 

This tip is worthy enough as it multiplies your engagement. Ensure that you post killer content every time at the right time. Nevertheless, you should not post content at all times. Hence, go ahead and hack the Instagram algorithm for likes, comments, and shares. 

Influencer Marketing

This type of promotional method is suitable for people who want to reach the next level on Instagram. As the name suggests, it relates to paid promotions on Instagram. This hack will undoubtedly increase engagement and provide you an edge on this platform. If you want to generate more sales for your business or brand or just want the masses to love your offerings, it may be the time to collaborate with an industry leader. 

You will be amazed at the loyal community that will be built in this process. Research the most loved influencer in your niche and captivate your audience. Play the game of hashtags and emerge as the clear winner. 

Employ out-of-the-box ways of interaction

Perhaps, you have heard about creative mentality, right? This section deals with groundbreaking content types. 

A sneak peek

This part deals with behind the scenes. Your fans are eagerly waiting for you. So, why not reveal them some perfect moments? You can encourage them to participate and respond for building engagement. 


Brace yourself for something that has not been attempted before by many folks. Just allow your partner, employee, or even a customer to take control of your account. However, this task may be daunting under some circumstances or you may not be comfortable with handing it over. In such cases, you can take the help of interviews or close-up videos with people in your network. 

In a nutshell, we can say that all the strategies mentioned above are applicable for different users. Even though the tips are general, some of these work according to your purpose and conditions. Hence, you must plan well for reaching out to maximum users.

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