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Old acquaintances or pals until the end? Barry Levine talks about the real relationship between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein in "The Spider."

Cybersecurity system founder John McAfee died of an apparent suicide in his cell. Dive into why conspiracy theorists are saying he was really murdered.

Do you believe UFOs are real or not? Well, it turns out that this conspiracy may be the only thing the left and the right can agree on.

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Twitter is up in arms about a recent Tim Allen interview. Here’s everything that went down in the outrageous interview, and the backlash that followed.

Hillary Clinton is penning a new book, and it's going to be a mystery. Dive into the synopsis of Clinton's new project right here.

Coming soon to a television set near you. Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's new tv project could boost her net worth. Get the details.

Think Kate McKinnon is a one-trick-pony? Want some proof to convince you otherwise? Watch the impressions in her SNL reel to decide for youself.

One of the most highly contested states, Georgia's election results have been confirmed to be blue. Here's how Georgia stunned us all this election.