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Hillary Clinton is penning a new book, and it's going to be a mystery. Dive into the synopsis of Clinton's new project right here.

Into the world of mystery: The latest deets about Hillary Clinton’s new book

Hillary Clinton: former Presidential nominee, former Secretary of State, former U.S. Senator, former first lady, lawyer, public speaker. Now, she’s adding novelist to her resume, writing a fictionalized account based on her life. Clinton’s new book might be a mystery, but the content isn’t so much of a mystery anymore. Here are the latest details on Hillary Clinton’s new book. 

Previously penned

Hillary Clinton is far from a stranger to writing books. She’s published several books since the 1990s, penning & publishing works of nonfiction & autobiographies. One of her earliest books was It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us written in 1995 about Clinton’s stated collective visions for the U.S. 

It was later turned into a children’s book hailed by The Washington Post: “It Takes a Village offers a universal, unifying message. It captures perfectly Clinton’s vision of a multicultural America working toward a constructive goal. So hopeful and forward-looking.” 

Hillary Clinton also penned two books during & after her 2016 presidential campaign. She and running mate Tim Kaine published a book named for their campaign slogan Stronger Together. She has also co-written books with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton. 

After losing the election in 2016, she wrote a memoir in 2017 called What Happened. The synopsis on said: “Hillary describes what it was like to run against Donald Trump, the mistakes she made, how she has coped with a shocking and devastating loss, and how she found the strength to pick herself back up afterward.” 


Per the official synopsis, Hillary Clinton’s new book will follow a “novice secretary of state who is part of her rival’s cabinet” per The New York Post

“A series of terrorist attacks throws the global order into disarray, and the Secretary is tasked with assembling a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy, a scheme carefully designed to take advantage of an American government dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts the most”, the full synopsis reads.  

Clinton is writing the book with another coauthor, mystery writer Louise Penny, who has published books like The Cruelest Month & The Brutal Telling. Reviews of Penny’s books can give us some insight into the style of Hillary Clinton’s new book. Editor of Women Crime Writers Sarah Weinman praised Penny for returning to a more traditional mystery style. 

“Many mystery buffs have credited Louise Penny with the revival of the type of traditional murder mystery made famous by Agatha Christie. . . . The book’s title is a metaphor not only for the month of April but also for Gamache’s personal and professional challenges—making this the series standout so far.” 

Enthused to write

Hillary Clinton released a statement detailing her excitement to work with Louise Penny on her new book. “Writing a thriller with Louise is a dream come true. I’ve relished every one of her books and characters as well as her friendship. . . Now we’re joining our experiences to explore the complex world of high-stakes diplomacy and treachery. All is not as it first appears.” 

Hillary Clinton isn’t the first member of her family to team up with a famous author and write a new mystery book. Her husband, former U.S. president Bill Clinton, teamed up with famous crime novelist James Patterson in 2018 to pen The President is Missing. The book was a number 1 New York Times bestseller hailed by the press as a fast-paced thriller

Bill Clinton & James Patterson have teamed up again to release a new book in June: The President’s Daughter. It’s available to pre-order through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers right now. 

What real-life events do you think Hillary Clinton will allude to in her new book? Do you think she will touch on incidents she was part of as Secretary of State like Benghazi or capturing Osama Bin Laden? If so, do you think her new book will shed some insight into said events? Let us know in the comments! 

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