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Is Gabbie Hanna really showing herself the door? She's hopped back online, and it's not with a poem. Get the latest tea about her problematic posts here.

The Gabbie Hanna tea continues to boil. Grab your teacups and dive into the reactions to the Joey Graceffa vs. Gabbie Hanna Twitter feud.

If you keep up with influencer news, then we're sure you've heard all about Gabbie Hanna and the controversy over her poems. Let's take a look at them

Gabbie Hanna is no stranger to drama, so who is she calling out now for criticizing her poems? Read all about why the YouTuber is so upset here.

Gabbie Hanna’s time in the Vlog Squad looks far from pleasant. Watch this video from the Twitter account DefNoodles as we unpick the problematic behavior.

Is Gabbie Hanna speaking out more about her time on Vlog Squad? Is she breaking an NDA to do so? See why Twitter is still holding their breath

Who is David Dobrik and why has he caused such a stir on YouTube? Dive into the drama that he and his Vlog Squad have created.

After months of his vlog hiatus, it looks like he’s ready to take on YouTube once again. Discover what David Dobrik has been up to.