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The Gabbie Hanna tea continues to boil. Grab your teacups and dive into the reactions to the Joey Graceffa vs. Gabbie Hanna Twitter feud.

Why is Joey Graceffa and his friends at war with Gabbie Hanna on Twitter?

The Gabbie Hanna tea continues as many influencers and fans react to the Joey Graceffa and Gabbie Hanna Twitter feud that sparked after Hanna posted a video on Sunday discussing her alleged mistreatment on the set of the YouTube Originals series Escape The Night. Her allegations include how her eating disorder was triggered due to a lack of healthy options, an ill-fitting costume, and being bad-mouthed after she was killed off. 

Joey Graceffa posted a reply to the video on Monday which sparked many debates on Twitter as well as other replies to follow suit, including a video reply from the show’s senior producer Daniel Preda, who provided proof to counter Hanna’s claims and proof that it was Hanna who was verbally abusive to crew members and was apparently a “nightmare” to work with. 

Needless to say, many have jumped into this debate on multiple platforms after Joey Graceffa’s video, with Twitter being the core of the arguments. We sipped our way through the threads to find the best reactions to this Joey Graceffa vs. Gabbie Hanna tea on Twitter. Grab your teacups and dive into the reactions to the latest Gabbie Hanna tea. 

Do you know who I am? 

Minus the spelling errors, this tweet is a major mood

Aged badly 

This is what the kids call a bad look, Gabbie . . . .


Right to the point, then . . . .

To be clear 

Basically the whole situation in a nutshell. 

Please stop 

That’s what we in the industry call a yikes! 

 Wait a minute! 

Gotta love how this Spider-man meme always works its way in . . . .

Spring cleaning 

At least push them under the bed or a rug . . . .



Sleep well 

We envy that you’re able to drown out all the arguing about this. 

Not real Swifties 

And there’s our cue to go . . . .

What are your thoughts on the Joey Graceffa vs. Gabbie Hanna Twitter tea? Drop them below in the comments before the kettle boils over! 

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