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How do you like your memes: boiled, scrambled, or fried? Deep frying memes is a popular way to rehash old memes and give them some pop. Check out

You've all seen the meme with the woman who yells at a bewildered-looking white cat (his name's Smudge btw), right? Here are the best of the best!

You've seen tons of cats and dogs while scrolling through animal pictures. Why not give a hamster your love too by looking at these memes?

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Ah, Florida Man! With endless headlines about his antics, we have endless memes to cringe at. Roar with laughter at these stories from the Sunshine State.

Why do people hate Addison Rae's new song "Obsessed" so much? Dive into the most hilarious Twitter memes roasting her musical debut.

Raising meme lords, but need to keep it PG? Here are some great memes for kids that are appropriate for all ages.

Tired of work and it's not even lunchtime? Take a little break with these super funny, relatable workplace memes.

America agrees the fly on Mike Pence won the debate last night. Check out the funniest memes buzzing around the internet about it.