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Raising meme lords, but need to keep it PG? Here are some great memes for kids that are appropriate for all ages.

Keep it PG: Check out our collection of memes appropriate for kids

Memes have shown themselves to be a major communication resource connecting people around the globe. When we see a meme, we know what’s trying to be said and we almost always relate. Of course, there is a seemingly infinite stream of memes on the web, and memes can break down into incredible specificity in niche cultural markets.

There seems to be a meme for every person out there, but why should adults have all the fun? While memes can range from edgy to downright NSFW, it can be hard for parents to find memes their kids can enjoy.

However, no group can be saved from dank memes, and there are plenty of memes for kids on Twitter that can bring generations together and create a whole family of meme lords. Check out the best memes for kids we could find on Twitter to send your kids and get one step closer to being the coolest parent of all time.

Stop Scrolling

Kids (and everyone else) can’t seem to break their concentration from those tiny screens in their hands, and stop scrolling memes for kids are a wholesome break in the feed. Just like this little cat wearing a costume, we’re proud of you.

This cut from Twitter’s memes for kids will let anyone know they look good. If anyone knows who’s cute, it’s this little pup.

Food memes

Is there anything more exciting to kids than food? Nothing hits quite like your first time eating french fries, and this meme shows just what it’s like when you find a few extra.

Kids are the first to notice how few chips you can find in Lay’s balloon bags, and this meme will teach kids what a roast is.

Romance may still be icky to kids looking for memes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know true love – and for them, the cake in the fridge is the very definition of bae.

You can do it

One of the greatest parts of being a kid is the constant encouragement from those around you. Twitter’s memes for kids often throw words of wisdom toward the young ones, and we love this posi Kirby kid meme.

Here’s one of Twitter’s memes for kids teaching the next generation to read between the lines; sometimes we can make our own rules.

Memes like this that show parents’ unconditional love give kids a boost when life throws ‘em for a loop.

Dad memes

Who is more fun, exciting, and intriguing than dad to the average kid? Twitter’s memes for kids present the magic of dad, and this one captures our delight when a summer BBQ rolls around.

It’s hard for us to swallow when dad says, “do as I say, not as I do.” It’s especially tough when we see him catching Zs at dinner. Whatever you say, Dad.

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