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Tired of work and it's not even lunchtime? Take a little break with these super funny, relatable workplace memes.

Another day, another dollar: All the best work memes for your lunch break

Work is always a blessing, but some working conditions are definitely better than others. Whether you work retail or have a nine to five office job, chances are you’ve experienced the ugly side of being part of the workforce.

The good thing for us hard-working people is that we have internet buddies who can make our lives better with memes. We think representation is important and we wanted you to know you’re not alone in your struggle which is why we gathered these memes so you can de-stress during your lunch break. 

Pro tip: share this with your trusted colleagues to start a friendship and make your work life easier.

Panic! At the Office

We don’t know which one’s worse: the possibility of losing your job, or the imminent call to child services.

Will it ever end?

People say time flies when you’re having fun . . . This probably explains why time’s so slow at work.

It’s been ages

Isn’t it the worst when you work for hours & hours but it’s not even lunchtime?

Morning be like

In our defense, who’s actually a morning person in today’s society?

Thank you for replying to this email

We’re starting to think every office should have a soundproof room where you can cry your eyes out whenever another person’s making your job harder.


You’d think your colleagues would try harder to make work-life easier but there’s always an overachiever who’s on a boat of their own.

Can we handle this over email?

What kind of disrespectful being would step over social norms & office etiquette like this? People should know by now that it’s better to send an email instead. Geez.

“Here’s the prescription!”

Why is it that taking a day off when you’re sick feels like something’s wrong? And why are we paranoid about not being sick enough so we can show our boss the symptoms?

Don’t let them see

Many of us have to put on a persona to appear somewhat acceptable in a working environment. We’re just glad to know we’re not the only ones.

Can we reschedule it for Easter?

Isn’t it crazy how people are willing to set up a secret Santa in the office when everyone knows really well we haven’t gotten the paycheck? Seriously, this is why no one ever gets what they want.

This is what self-sabotage looks like

There’s just no winning in this. Even if our alarm wakes us up on time, there’s still the additional difficulty of wanting to get up. Why is it so hard to wake up?

“It’s going great!”

Sometimes we just need to find coping mechanisms to get us through the week. We’re not encouraging you to drink, we’re just saying we understand where this person is coming from.

Who’s got $5 to spare anyway?

Okay, but has any cashier considered we might need the money to donate to a bigger cause, a.k.a. our survival for the next month?

It’s always retail

Retail workers have one of the toughest jobs: dealing with customers. Customers can smell a shop that’s about to close from miles away and have the ability to withstand a snowstorm and a pandemic– just to get to the store and be annoying.

Sunday vibes

There’s hardly something as dreadful as that Sunday night feeling.

Sing along!

This is just another reason why we need soundproof rooms in every workplace.


When the job ad said they needed a fast learner with stress tolerance, this is not what we had in mind.

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