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How do you like your memes: boiled, scrambled, or fried? Deep frying memes is a popular way to rehash old memes and give them some pop. Check out our faves!

Frying memes: Are these memes really funnier when they’re deep fried?

“Deep frying” memes are a style of meme where an image is run through so many filters that it begins to look grainy, washed out, and strangely colored. Some would argue that it destroys the beauty of some all-time beloved memes, while others might suggest that it enhances memes. Deep frying memes can be a fun hobby, like destroying gorgeous and awe-inspiring art can be a hobby!

Care to see some of our favorite deep-frying memes on Twitter? We think you do . . . 

Deep frying memes 

What a hobby. 

Deep frying baseball

Red Sox player or Thanos fan edit? 

Cereal killer

Lucky charms on a bad trip. 

Deep frying the brain

These deep frying memes are a joke within a joke. 

Deep selfie

Of course, Freddy Kruger loves to deep fry his photos. 

Deep frying memes attacking George Carlin

Or is George Carlin attacking the deep frying memes . . . ?

“It’s contemporary” 

Deep frying the all-natural way. 

Fish & chips, extra crispy

We already know that Spongebob memes are the G.O.A.T. Did they really need to deep fry them? 

Speaking of . . . 

THAT’S Squidward?

Your guess is as good as ours. 

For a second we thought this was Rafiki holding baby Simba over Pride Rock. Now? We have zero idea what this deep-frying meme actually is. 

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