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Friday the 13th is almost upon us, leaving many of us hiding deep in our snuggies while others celebrate. But what are the best Friday the 13th memes?

These Friday the 13th memes are perfect for your group chat

Friday the 13th, a holiday that is as celebrated as it is loathed, and while this fictitious day is often cherished by many around the Halloween season, it sadly falls smack-dab at the end of summer this year, leaving many of us annoyed at all of the Friday the 13th memes as well as content we’re finding on the internet.

We’re not saying we don’t like to get down with Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger every once in a while, all we ask is that these memes stop tormenting us, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. That being said, nothing is worse than being a Squidward during a time enjoyed by so many, which is why we’ll humor Friday the 13th with some of the best memes we found on Twitter. Care to check them out? 

The joke’s on you. 

Friday the 13th wouldn’t be complete without America’s favorite clown, even if it is Jared Leto’s version. 


Friday the 13th memes mean nothing if it’s not in October. 

Wear a mask

Even our favorite serial killers wear a mask

Day before holiday errands

Nobody likes prep day, as demonstrated by these Friday the 13th memes. 

‘X’ marks the spot

You too can have Pikachu’s butthole tattooed on you.

. . . Is that T-Swift?

Because nothing screams “new music” better than rerecording all your old hits. 


Low key looks like Joaquin Phoenix in Her.  

Crash & burn

Even these Friday the 13th memes can’t escape the global pandemic. 

The new normal

Nothing surprises us anymore, and these Friday the 13th memes get it

Return of the Mac

Friday the 13th is already a nightmare for some; let’s not make things worse.

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