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Albus Dumbledore has been something of a divisive figure within the 'Harry Potter' fandom for a long time. Here are the best Dumbledore memes.

‘Harry Potter’ memes: All the best to honor our dear Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore has been something of a divisive figure within the Harry Potter fandom for a long time. Yes, he’s framed as this loving, wise figure in Harry’s life. Let’s be real, Albus Dumbledore of way too many middle names has made some questionable decisions over the course of the Harry Potter series. In the age of the internet, it is our sworn duty to make jokes about these dumb decisions.

Dumbledore jokes and memes are a tried and true tested pastime in the fandom. From how Michael Gambon got scary intense about Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) putting his name in the Goblet of Fiyah to those last minute house points that benefited the heroes. Here are some of the best Dumbledore memes. 

1. Ten points to Dumbledore

The Forbidden Forest should just be that forbidden. But a late night detention with a bunch of 11-year-olds wandering around there? What could possibly go wrong? 

2. Books 1-5 Dumbledore vs Books 6-7 Dumbledore

Sure, it was the power of “love” and not basilisk venom/raising a child to be a sacrificial lamb all along, Dumbledore. It was love all along.

3. hArRY dId YoU pUT YoUR nAMe in ThE GoBLet oF FiYaH?! 

Clearly, Michael Gambon has a different definition of “calmly” over the rest of us. 

4. Why was a 14-year-old allowed to compete again?

Even a magically binding contract has to have some limits, right? Seriously, the kid was fourteen and they wanted to put him against a dragon. 

5. We all become Draco Malfoy the more we think about Dumbledore’s actions

Wanting to kill Albus Dumbledore (or call him out) has definitely become a big mood in the Harry Potter fandom.

6. Last minute house points

It would have been funny if Dumbledore gave the points to himself and the banners changed to his face. Now that would have been priceless to see. 

7. What if it wasn’t Professor McGonagall

How many times did Dumbledore confuse his Deputy Headmistress with a rando tabby cat? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know. 

8. Harry’s life was the OG Bird Box challenge

Seriously, we get not burdening the kid at age 11 with this Destiny business. But the poor guy needs something.

9. Hogwarts vs insurance companies

The premiums under Dumbledore’s reign as Headmaster must have been through the roof.

10. Harry should have asked what we all were thinking

We know Dumbledore was headmaster, but what did he do exactly. 

11. McGonagall’s tenure as Headmistress probably went differently

Minerva McGonagall is one of the select few witches and wizards in the entire series to have a lick of common sense. 

12. Sirius Black deserved better 2k20

Severus Snape gets pardoned and free with a word from Dumbledore, but Sirius is just left to rot in Azkaban without a trial? We’re going to be forever bitter about that plot point.

13. Good luck, Slytherins

The first book would have been very different if the Slytherins ran into the troll supposedly in the dungeons.

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