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Like ‘Harry Potter’ quizzes? Take our ‘Harry Potter’ movies quiz

"In the darkest of times, one only needs to turn on the light." Bring some light to fight the Dementors of your life with this Harry Potter movie quiz!

Like ‘Harry Potter’ quizzes? Take our ‘Harry Potter’ movies quiz

Harry Potter is bringing the magic into everyone’s homes this quarantine. With the franchise spanning over 10 years, there’s plenty of Potter content to go around. Voldemort is not the only villain we are dreading with today’s current climate but watching Potter and the gang defeat him is definitely therapeutic. 

20 hours or 1,178 minutes, that’s how long it takes to watch the Harry Potter series from start to finish. Potterheads around the world are taking advantage of the extra free time and rewatching each film, and testing their knowledge with some Harry Potter quizzes. If you haven’t yet gotten an answer from the sorting hat, there’s no time like the present for the Hogwarts house quiz

We want to test your knowledge of Harry Potter from ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’ to the ‘Deathly Hallows’. Be sure to tweet us @FilmDailyNews with your score.

Yer a wizard if you ace this ‘Harry Potter’ quiz!

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