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what is all of the buzz behind Emma Watson's mysteriously levitating outfit that has the halls of social media screaming? Look here now!

Is this dress the least sexy thing Emma Watson has ever worn?

Can you believe the magic Emma Watson is now brewing extends beyond the silver screen, and into the world of sexy and sophisticated spirits?

Our beloved Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson, just shook us all by unveiling her latest venture: a delectably bold gin. This isn’t just a passing whimsy though, with Watson hailing from a lineage of wine magnates, the potion-making appears to be in her blood. Recently, she teamed up with her younger brother, Alex Watson, to concoct and market their bewitching gin brand, Renais.

But does that mean her sexy outfit also hints at an equally sexy time drinking her new wine? Let’s dive into all the sexy details. 

Potent potions

Renais is the epitome of Burgundy, France, represented in a glass. It’s a concoction infused with grand cru grapes, linden flowers, angelica root, acacia honey, and juniper berry, an exciting blend that evokes the allure and richness of the region. This bold and vibrant gin is just what we’d expect from a real-life potion expert like Watson.

And while the golden elixir has its appeal, all eyes were irresistibly drawn to Watson’s sensational attire. The thirty-three-year-old starlet was radiant in a baby blue Loewe dress, with a structured bodice giving an airy illusion of elements floating. Emma has always been known for her striking fashion choices, and this was no exception.

Emma Watson and her brother didn’t just venture into spirit production on a whim. The inspiration traces back to their father, Chris Watson, who had established the Domaine Watson vineyards in Chablis three decades ago. 

Alex Watson brought his expertise from Diageo, leading the production process for Renais. The result? A certified carbon-neutral gin, embodying the true essence of Chablis.

Concocting The spell

More than just a celebrity-backed spirit, Renais is a tribute to the Watson siblings’ heritage, and their commitment to sustainability. This unique gin is crafted using upcycled French pressed wine grape skins and lees, minimizing waste and creating a distinct taste profile. 

The base spirit is mixed with a Kimmeridgian stone distillate, botanicals grown by partner producers, and pressed grand cru grapes, encapsulating the minerality of classic Chablis.

For Emma, working on Renais with Alex wasn’t merely a business venture, but a heartwarming reminiscence of their growing up years. She expressed pride in their approach of upcycling grapes to minimize waste, the usage of mushroom packaging, and achieving carbon-neutral product status.

Renais sets the bar high, not just in flavor but in its dedication to sustainability. It employs solar-powered stills and biodegradable packaging from the Magical Mushroom Company. The brand’s carbon emissions are offset by supporting wind farm initiatives in India via ClimatePartner.

Stir and serve

Renais is flexible, perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or jazzing up your favorite cocktails like a martini or a Negroni. The first batch, featuring a modest four thousand bottles, is expected to be a quick sell-out, with a second release anticipated in June.

Ending on a question, we can’t help but wonder: after the successful launch of Renais, what magical surprises might the Watson siblings have in store for us next?


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