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There are so many things great about Netflix's 'Terrace House'. Here is a list of our favorite 'Terrace House' memes.

These memes prove Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ is the perfect bingewatch

There are so many things great about Terrace House. Its chill vibe has been recognized as something that makes it stand out in the category of reality TV shows. Terrace House is romance, mixed with friendship, and just a dash of voyeurism. It’s the absolute perfect bingewatch if you don’t mind reading subtitles. 

One of Terrace House’s most delightful features is the fact that the commentators give you their take on what’s happening in the show. It might sound like a super annoying thing to have to deal with. After all, who wants to deal with interruptions in the middle of their bingewatch? Isn’t skipping commercials what Netflix is for? 

But we assure you, the commentary of these hosts are often hilarious, the guests they bring on interesting, and their comments thought-provoking. Japan is famous for its love of commentary in the middle of TV shows and Terrace House shows that unique talk show vibe at its best. If you’re at home by yourself, it’s like you have someone to fangirl with you. 

A couple memes have been spawned from this reality show gem. Here is a list of our favorites. 

Smh, shoulda gone to Disney

Are those quarantine hormones raging for you? 

Low self esteem be like . . .

If only delivering this news happily would make it hurt less. 


Increased usage of Zoom has created some opportunities for some fun moments. 

Vacation pains

It never feels long enough. 

The mighty virgin

Okay, this one’s technically not a meme, but it’s an example of the gut-busting hilariousness of Terrace House’s commentary. 

Lying in wait 

Hmm . . .  As funny as this meme is, hope this isn’t the case.

Mood drops

Kind of like when people realized quarantine didn’t mean mini-vacation, but possible job loss. Wow, that got depressing. Sorry. 

Scared to get groceries, but got plenty of wine

The stir-craziness is real. 

When all you can do is shake your head

Okay, technically this isn’t a meme either. But I’m telling you, watch the show! It’s so quotable! 

Iconic man

It’s an inside joke. You won’t get it unless you’ve seen him in action. Maybe this will incentivize you to watch.

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