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Want to make a big event out of the new season? We’ve got the perfect 'Terrace House' drinking game set up and ready for you.

Thirst trap: The ultimate ‘Terrace House’ drinking game

If you’re as voracious a bingewatcher of the finest reality show known to humanity – Terrace House – you’re likely looking forward to the next season of Opening New Doors. Season two of the third iteration of the hit Japanese Netflix Originals reality show left a series of gargantuan cliffhangers in its wake. We’re racing to our TV’s in anticipation.

Opening New Doors will eventually let us know exactly what shadiness, love connections, and hot tub antics will be going down at the House. Whether you simply want to make a big event out of the new season or just rewatch the old episodes of Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City and Terrace House: Aloha State in a new way, we’ve got the perfect Terrace House drinking game for you.

Be sure to enjoy it responsibly and hopefully with your own shady gang of hilarious pals to share the couch, the floor, and the occasional swig of water with you. Because remember: as Terrace House has occasionally proven, nobody likes a housemate who can’t handle their hooch properly. Now crack open some swill and let’s do this!

'Terrace House'

Take a sip every time . . .

The housemates go food shopping together

Probably the first episode of a new season and likely never to happen again for the rest.

A new housemate arrives and is immediately asked what their “type” is

“What do you look for in a boyfriend / girlfriend?” is the verbal thirst trap of Terrace House.

There’s an argument about cleaning

The bedrooms are looking cluttered! The sink is full of dishes! A banana peel is left on the counter! IT’S ANARCHY!

Someone bitches about another housemate behind their back

You know that sh**’s about to blow up in about one episode time.

A housemate gets a job

Definitely in a restaurant, coffee shop, or retail store that they did one terrible interview to land.

The housemate is shown doing the job badly

Take another sip if the panel gets shady about their employee failings straight after.

Someone writes on the blackboard

Probably to announce they’ve gone to that job they’re utterly useless at.

Yama-Chan makes a dirty joke

And he sits there pleased as punch while everyone else laughs at him or revolts in disgust.

Yama-Chan needs romantic etiquette explaining to him

And he stares towards the camera in confusion as one of the other panelists outlines why what he’s just said is so awful.

The housemates talk about their goals and ambitions

Take an extra large glug of your drink if you secretly know what they’re saying is either impossible for them or absolute bullshit.

Yoshimi shares an anecdote about his own romantic experiences

Especially if he gets that faraway look in his eyes and needs to be brought back to reality.

A housemate is asked out on a date

Treat yourself to a shot if the person says yes to the date but doesn’t realize it’s an actual date and not just a chill platonic hangout.

The housemates discuss who they think is cute

Take extra sips if you successfully already guessed who would be hot for who.

A secret hookup happens in the house

Smooching under a duvet in the TV room? That’s a sip. Playing footsie under the dinner table? That’s a sip. Two people have been secretly sneaking into each other’s beds now and then? That’s definitely a sip (and maybe a little extra!).

One of the dudes makes a chronic romantic misstep that makes you cringe

Saying the wrong thing on a date, calling one of the girls ugly in a failed attempt to flirt, or grabbing for someone’s hand only to be outright rejected? Chug that drink, honey!

Someone is rejected outright

Too painful for words.

Any of the housemates start crying

Especially if you start crying too.

The housemates crack open a drink


The Terrace House panel members get real shady about one of the housemates

Especially if it’s over something minor like their dress sense, mannerisms, or haircut.

There’s an awkward car ride

Usually following or on the way to a disastrous date.

A couple holds hands for the first time

Seriously, you’ve probably waited fifteen episodes for this groundbreaking union to finally happen.

Someone new joins the house and you’re immediately hot for them

You’ll probably be over them in about two episodes’ time but still.

A housemate watches Terrace House

So meta.

'Terrace House'

Take a shot whenever . . .

The housemates take a shot

It’s a rare but special moment.

A date goes horribly wrong

Usually so full of cringe that you need a shot to deal with it.

It’s someone’s birthday

Celebrate your virtual roomies!

A housemate announces they’re leaving

Don’t take a shot if you’re actually happy they’re leaving.

A housemate is clearly drunk and out of control

Time to catch up with that merriment.

A legit major argument breaks out

You’ll know when the tension in the house reaches its peak because people will storm out of rooms, sit in complete silence with each other, and scream obscenities for little or no reason. That’s your time to shine with a shot, ladies and gentlemen.

Someone on the Terrace House panel starts crying

It takes a lot to move them to tears.

Someone has a near-death experience

Or anything that requires hospitalization! A surfing accident, being hit by a car, or whatever other threats may await the Terrace House gang.

A house meeting is called

Sh**’s about to get real tense up in here.

It transpires that one of the housemates has spent the night with another


'Terrace House'

Down your drink whenever . . .

A couple announce they’re officially girlfriend and boyfriend

So rare and so beautiful! They’d want you to down that drink in celebration.

A seemingly perfect couple suddenly breakup

Nope, nope, and nope!

A couple decides to leave the house together at the same time

But how will we be able to watch the intimate ins & outs of their relationship!? It’s selfish is what it is.

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  • Funny! A Great show, but it’s strangely calming … to add in the drinking element i think i’d be out quicker than sloth in a sleeper hold

    May 22, 2018

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