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Everybody has a story, even villains like 'Cruella'. We're all more than meets the eye, so let’s see some of the best movies giving bad guys a backstory!

Friday the 13th is a day commonly acknowledged for being bad luck. But what is the origin of this belief?

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As a testament to the tattoo world’s love of everything horror, here are some of the best 'Friday the 13th'-inspired tattoos!

Friday the 13th, a day for bad luck and superstitions and a bit of spooky fun. Here are the most relatable memes.

Friday the 13th makes some people quake in their boots. Here are some memes to help you get through the day.

There are a number of successful 'Harry Potter' video games. Here are more movies that now have a video game.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Netflix has revived the true crime genre with Ted Bundy. Here are some serial killer movies to watch on Netflix.

2020’s Friday the 13th is pretty far off, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at these 'Friday the 13th' memes. Here are our favorite memes.