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If you’re one of the millions that enjoys true crime content, then your dark humor is much needed. Here's the craziest serial killer memes ever!

The dankest, most effed-up serial killer memes ever

In a time of crisis, we all need to lean on the thing that keeps us sane: true crime documentaries. Watching shows and movies about real life serial killers that ruined the lives of thousands of innocent people. Definitely nothing wrong with that picture at all.

If you’re one of the millions that enjoys true crime content, you definitely have a messed up sense of humor if you can find interest in those shows. Learning about real life cannibals, men who left bodies all over their home, it’s not for the faint of heart. Neither are these serial killer themed memes. 

When you’re cheap and know you’re screwed

Who needs a law degree when you can just guarantee you’re going to get sent to jail?

Video. Games. Don’t. Cause. Violence.

How many more times do we need to say it for the people in the back?

In the beginning. . .

The way some children act automatically has us putting them on a watch list into adulthood.

Who’s our first victim?

Being single is sign one of being a future killer. 

Swiping right

Boo. Booooooooo. Still probably would swipe left out of pure curiosity.

Dahmer has all the food jokes

When you’re the most famous cannibal, it’s no surprise you’re the one everyone turns to for bad puns. 

“She’s not dead I swear!”

“This is just a body double with some ketchup, not a real human being.”

Leave Bob Ross out of this

He’s one third of the Internet holy trinity for a reason, he would never be a killer.

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