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The Golden State Killer left threatening, creepy voicemails on his victims’ answering machines. Here's what we know about the case.

Pedro Lopez confessed to killing 300 girls, was sent to a psychiatric hospital, and was released for good behavior in 1998.

Serial killers and their unfathomable brutalities have inspired the horror genre. Here are serial killer movies based on true stories.

Serial killers are scary because, for all we know, they could be our neighbors. Here are some equally scary serial killer movies.

Karla Homolka (also sometimes known as Karla Leanne Teale) was born in 1970 in Canada. Here's everything we know about the killer.

In the grim & gruesome history of the world’s serial killers we rarely encounter the female kind. Here are some gruesome female serial killers.

Sometimes the murdering couple is simply the perfect storm of sociopathy. This list of American serial killer couples will surely haunt your dreams.

The Hotel Cecil is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Here's everything we know its blood-soaked past.

When one thinks of serial killers, one doesn't often think of slave owners. Here's everything you need to know about Madame LaLaurie.