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A trio of code-breakers is believed to have cracked the code of the Zodiac Killer. But who was this serial killer?

Have authorities finally discovered the Zodiac Killer? Learn who was the infamous serial killer and why people think Gary Francis Poste is guilty.

We’ll be here all day, trying to figure out the reasons but now, we’re going to dive into the crimes themselves while unmasking the people behind them.

Why hasn't this famous serial killer been caught yet? Decades later, victims' families are desperately seeking answers in New Bedford. Read the clues here.

The so-called 'Preppy Murders' shocked New York City's elite. How could a young & dashing upper-class student commit such a terrible murder in public?

After watching and reading about cannibal Albert Fish, you may find he becomes regularly featured in your nightmares. Here's why.

Sure, he didn’t kill a thousand men, but Henry Lee Lucas is definitely a prolific serial killer in American History. Here's why.

In the 12 years Andrei Chikatilo committed his murders, what made him become the “Butcher of Rostov”? Here's what we know about Andrei Chikatilo.

Samuel Little, otherwise known as the “Choke and Stroke Killer”, certainly terrifies many. Let’s discuss the life and kills of Samuel Little.