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These female cannibals will have you shaking in your boots. Here's some terrifying female cannibal movies and the true crimes behind the madness.

Terrifying female cannibal movies: The true crimes that inspired them

Cannibalism: one of humanity’s greatest taboos. 

It’s unlikely eating human flesh will ever be in vogue. Often though, the human mind veers to sick places and one doesn’t mind entertaining what this forbidden act would look like. Theoretically, of course. 

These movies featuring female cannibals will give you more than enough of a picture of such a gruesome possible pastime. What’s more, there are some real life female villains who went across the threshold of the hypothetical, and actually gave cannibalism a go. Check out these dietary deviants and the movies that might have had a hand in inspiring them. 

Famous female cannibals 

These female cannibals will have you shaking in your boots:

Valentina Dolbilina

This dame is perhaps one of the most vile of female cannibals out there. Dolbilina and her buddy Vitaly Bezrodnov were having a drink with two other pals when they realized they were hungry. So, you know, just like any normal person, they looked over at one of their unconscious pals and thought, “There’s a meal right there.” 

Out came the ax. Dolbilina and Vitaly chopped up and fried their inebriated pal like nothing was amiss. But that’s not all, folks. When the fourth pal woke up from his drunken slumber, Dolbilina took a serving from their 14lbs of human flesh and fed it to him. The kicker? The unknowing guy was chowing down on his own brother. 

Tamara Samsonova

This Russian female cannibal is known as the “Granny Ripper” or “Baba Yaga.” Samsonova had a taste for mature human flesh. She was caught after murdering and eating her 79-year-old roommate, Valentina Ulanova. Samsonova had graciously been given a place to stay at Ulanova’s house while Samsonova’s apartment was being renovated. 

Over time Samsonova decided her friend’s pad was too cushy to leave, even though her apartment was ready to be occupied. Samsonova overstayed her welcome, an argument ensued, and Samsonova later decided to poison Ulanova. Down Ulanova went, and out came Samsonova’s carving tools. Samsonova is suspected to have killed 13 or more people. 

Anna Zimmerman

“Dinner’s ready!” is likely what Anna Zimmerman said before feeding her boyfriend to her husband and two children. 

Zimmerman killed her boyfriend in rage. Ever the dutiful wife, Zimmerman then cooked him into bite-sized pieces for her family. Let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Cheaters never prosper. . . and also have the potential to be eaten by their crazy cannibal girlfriends. 

Filita Mashilipa

Mashilipa went a step further than Zimmerman. This wicked woman didn’t give her children human flesh to eat. She ate her own children. 

In 1995, Mashilipa was arrested for witchcraft in Zambia. She had murdered and eaten seven of her nine children. When police visited Mashilipa’s house, they found witchcraft items, including a device Mashilipa, claimed enabled her to fly. Mashilipa may have been no Wicked Witch of the West, but she was definitely a wicked woman of Zambia. 

Their cannibal movie counterparts  

These cannibal movies are a gruesome display of twisted humanity: 

The Lure

Fantastical horror musical, anyone? 

Not only is The Lure in a very unique genre, but it tells a very unique story. It’s basically an unbelievably warped version of The Little Mermaid. This 2015 Polish horror movie tells the story of two human-eating mermaid sisters who take a break from the ocean to perform at a nightclub. 

Their enchanting voices lure unsuspecting humans out of the club and onto their dinner plates. When one of the sisters falls in love with a human, the other is disconcerted that she would give up her voice to get with their lunch. Will this man-eating mermaid get her man to fall in love with her? Find out in The Lure.  

We Are What We Are

Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are is a 2013 remake of the movie Parents. The Parkers family is made up of a mother, father, and two daughters. They are a reclusive family who clings to some questionable religious customs. When Mrs. Parker dies during a torrential downpour, the daughters must assume their mother’s grisly ritualistic responsibilities. Let’s just say this ends up in more than a little friction. 

Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body was released in 2009. Megan Fox plays the hottie high-school protagonist who gets possessed by a demon in this movie. Demon-possessed Jennifer must satisfy her appetite for human flesh, so she seduces guys who normally would have a chance with her. When one of Jennifer’s mousy friends figures out she’s devouring the school’s male population, the friend is determined to put a stop to it. 


Last but not least, Raw features the development of a young female veterinary student into an insatiable cannibal. In the movie, Justine is mercilessly hazed by upperclassmen and forced to do ridiculous things. One of these ridiculous things is eating a rabbit heart. 

As a vegetarian, Justine should be traumatized by such an act, but she instead develops a liking to raw meat. Not just a liking, really. It turns into an absolute obsession. Justine tries to satisfy her cravings with raw filets from the community fridge, but eventually, her appetite turns to human flesh. Viewer discretion is advised. This 2016 movie had viewers staggering out of the theatre mid-watch. 

These cannibal movies should give you your fill of depraved humanity. Theoretically, of course. We’re not actually endorsing cannibalism. Get your head out of the saucepan, ‘ya nasty.

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