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Cannibalism is one of the greatest taboos known to mankind. Here's all the craziest murderous female cannibals that actually existed!

All the craziest murderous female cannibals to haunt your dreams

Cannibalism is one of the greatest taboos known to mankind. It’s the basis of horror stories across the globe, associated with some very real life monsters. Yet, there are instances of humans eating others happening for centuries. The ones that we usually hear about, however, are men. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any female cannibals out there. There are and they are just as terrifying.

Anna Zimmerman

After killing her boyfriend, Anna Zimmerman used his body parts in order to cook family dinners for her husband and two young children, who were ages four and six at the time. Considered to be one of the most gruesome cannibals, Zimmerman stored her boyfriend’s body parts for future dinners.

In addition to killing and cooking him, Zimmerman also fed her family the remains of their pets. 

Valentina Dolbilina

26-year-old Vitaly Bezrodnov and 36-year-old Valentina Dolbilina were together in the late hours of Manturovo, Russia during 2002. Suddenly hungry, the pair decided to kill and cook one of their unconscious drinking buddies. They cooked up 15 pounds of human meat. When the fourth person of the group woke, he joined them for a meal . . . unaware that he was feasting on his brother.

Katherine Knight

Kather Knight lost her mind when her lover, John Charles Thomas Price decided to stay with his wife over leaving her for Katherine. Katherine, who was obsessed with knives, stabbed Price over 30 times. She then would peel Price’s skin all in one piece, hang it from a meat hook, and then prepare a meal for her and her two children out of Price. Knight was arrested before her two adult children arrived for dinner. 

Leonarda Cianciulli

Also known as the “Soap-maker of Correggio”, Cianciulli is an Italian serial killer. She killed three women and then used their remains to make teacakes and soaps. Cianciulli would give these to friends and neighbors as presents. She believed that by sacrificing humans that she would protect her son from the horrors of World War II.

It didn’t protect him from his mother, who fed him the remains of her victims. 

Klara Mauerova

Under the spell of a very disturbing cult known as the Grail Movement, Klara Mauerova was arrested in 2007 after her neighbor noticed some disturbing behavior from Mauerova. When police searched her home, they found the half-skinned body of a young boy. Disturbingly, it was the body of one of her children.

Mauerova chained her two sons (eight and ten) to chairs and set up a baby monitor to watch the children torture themselves. This went on for months with others from the Grail Movement eating and torturing the pair under the orders of “Doctor”.

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