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It's almost like looking in a mirror: Andrei Chikatilo was a man with a position of authority. But one wrong move, and suddenly he was a serial killer.

Katherine Knight seemed like your ordinary Australian housewife, until it turned out the meal she cooked included mystery meat: her own boyfriend.

It's bad enough if cannibals attack unwilling participants. But Armin Meiwes had a willing participant that he murdered and ate.

It may seem like this is ancient history, but cannibal tribes are still roaming the planet as we speak. The Korowai are still practicing cannibalism today.

The Baksheevys were just charged with murder, but when police explored their home, there was a lot more than just murder. Read more on the cannibal couple.

Mikhail Popkov was supposed to be just a police lieutenant. But his hatred for women ended up turning him in to a murderous cannibal cop.

Cannibalism is one of the greatest taboos known to mankind. Here's all the craziest murderous female cannibals that actually existed!