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'Riverdale' season 5 has officially returned to our television screens. Laugh and cringe your way through the best memes "celebrating" this.

‘Riverdale’ returns: The most savage memes

We all love a good meme every once in a while, and since the highly anticipated Riverdale series just made its long awaited return tonight, why not check out what the internet has been saying about it? In honor of the fantasy-drama series coming back, fans have been celebrating through jokes and memes that poke fun at their expectations, characters from the show, and what they saw tonight. Let’s take a look at some here.


Mixed emotions

Well, we can always count on the craziness of Chandler from Friends to relate to. 


 Barchie, Jabitha, and Veggie

Who knows who will end up with who? This Riverdale meme certainly sounds hopeful for a few of their favorite ships. 


Happy Riverdale Day!

This Riverdale meme surely describes how excited we all are today for the return of our favorite TV series. 


Not backing down

Do you actually believe in Barchie? Let us know in the comments. 


Ronnie vs. Loki

Look at how these two worlds collide. 


We can’t help it

Of course, this meme proves that Riverdale has got some pretty hot talents. . . 


Romance is definitely a good plot

Just look how adorable these two are. 


Jughead & Betty

No, we’re totally not feeling a little emotional right now. . . is someone cutting onions? 


Betty & Archie

Whoever you’re rooting for to end up together, we all got something cute tonight. 


So many questions

That’s definitely our exact reaction as well. Happy Riverdale day, everyone!

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