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America agrees the fly on Mike Pence won the debate last night. Check out the funniest memes buzzing around the internet about it.

The fly on Mike Pence’s head won the VP debate: All the best memes

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The fly on Mike Pence’s head won the United States vice presidential debate. What’s that? It didn’t give its take on climate change, the novel coronavirus, or American healthcare? Who cares! There was a fly on Mike Pence’s head for a solid two minutes. That’s infinitely more entertaining, and therefore more important. Duh. 

This fly has spurred an enormous amount of buzz around the debate (pun intended). Honestly, there are more people talking about the vice presidential debate than there ever would have been had the fly not made its debut. Heck, maybe it’s even the same exact fly that decided to pose on Hilary Clinton’s face in the last election cycle. 

One thing’s for sure: any occasion to make fun is an opportunity to make memes. The internet has been generous with its supply of Mike Pence fly memes. Here are the best of the bunch so far. 

A newly-registered democrat

We know what party this insect’s voting for. 

I spy with my little eye 

. . . . a Mike Pence fly. 

It seems Twitter has been productive 

Now if we could only be as productive in our day jobs. 


Hell hath no fury like a fly’s scorn 

Many have taken the fly’s landing spot as a morality judgment. 


A holiday celebration 

Good to know Pence loves animals. Ya’ can’t trust a person who hates animals. 

Behind every great man there is a great fly

That’s how the saying goes, right? 

Seems accurate 

This fly is a patriot for getting people to care about the VP debate. Thanks, fly.

Innocent fly or spy cam? 

With all this new-fangled technology it’s hard to tell. 

Flitting for fame 

Even flies have aspirations of fame. Looks like it got its wish. 

Shiny object syndrome 

What’s that? We’re guilty as charged after posting this meme article? True.  

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