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You've seen tons of cats and dogs while scrolling through animal pictures. Why not give a hamster your love too by looking at these memes?

Loved ‘Hamtaro’ as a kid? You’ll love these adorable hamster memes!

Hamsters are often handed the short end of the stick on the internet. Cats & dogs get their time online, with thousands recording & watching their adorable shenanigans. But hamsters don’t really get the same treatment despite their cuteness and fame in pop culture in shows like Hamtaro

Of course, we aren’t the only ones who think so. Many have decided to even the odds by creating hamster memes. These hamster memes are often adorable, funny, and definitely worthy of a 3am death scroll. 

Naturally, Twitter is the hub of hamster memes. We ran through the threads to find the best hamster memes to help these little guys shine. Get back on the wheel and dive into these adorable hamster memes. 


Look at this little gymnast go! 


Oh no! Hang on little guy! 


This little hamster is just *chef’s kiss*. 


So do we! Where can we find him? 

Bear jacket 

Look at him all snug & cute! 

Hamster dance 

Gotta love the classics

Get inside! 

Easy, easy, not everyone at once . . . .! 


His name is Barry; does he happen to shoot lightning when he runs . . . . ? 

Game time 

He’s gotta be using a cheat code . . . . 

Have any other adorable hamster memes? Drop them below in the comments before we fly off the wheel!

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