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The pandemic isn't all bad. Check out these adorable animal memes to remedy the holiday blues.

End 2020 with the most adorable animal memes from the pandemic

2020 has been a lot. Despite what snarky memes about the new year might say, everyday this month we’re slowly creeping closer and closer to the end of it. Heaven knows we’ll say good riddance and cheers to a new start. Hopefully 2021 will be less of a nightmare experience. Until then, kick back with some adorable animal memes. 

Pets have been a large part of what’s gotten some humans through the year. In sickness and in health they’ve endured. Our pets have been with us through this horror story of a year, so they deserve a little tribute. 

A different kind of cam girl 

On camera: a beauty queen. Off camera: yesterday’s lasagna. 

Enough is enough 

The humans need to go. . . like on a walk. At least give kitty thirty minutes to himself

Look at the stuff Fluffy’s had to put up with 

At least it’s out of love. 

A pet point of view 

It must have been strange for our pets to see us all suddenly start muzzling ourselves

Nothing else to do 

Humans rediscovered the outdoors over the course of the coronavirus. 


Some people have pet racoons. 

The contempt 

Our cats shook their heads derogatorily when we were all going nuts over toilet paper. If we had been more evolutionarily developed we wouldn’t have that problem, right Smudge? 

Always be prepared 

This kitty’s not taking any chances. On the day after even its eye holes were covered. 

Thoughts and prayers 

All these cuties know about is eat, play, sleep. Oh yeah. And poop. 

Bless our pets 

For living through our hypochondria. How many times did you dramatically bid your pet goodbye.

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