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Animals make the best faces and, of course, the internet is here to mind the goldmine for all the memes. Here are some funny animal memes.

Brighten up your quarantine with these funny animal memes

Animals are awesome! There’s a giant variety the world over and more just seem to be discovered. The world is a fantastic place, despite this dumpster fire of a year, animals are here to remind us of it. Why? Because funny animal memes are some of the few bright spots left on the internet. Animals make the best faces and, of course, the internet is here to mind the goldmine for all the memes.

There are literally millions of quality funny animal memes online for you to check out. We had to pair it down to our top favorites that made us chuckle, but these all make you laugh and maybe feel a burst of wholesomeness that we all so desperately need in our lives. Animals! They just make you feel better by existing. Unless they’re one of the ones that usually freak out near humans.

Then we just are very respectful toward them, okay?

1. Gotta admit this is a new one

Just like no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects an angry alpaca in the car in front of them. How did it even fit in there?

2. Just like us!

It’s scary how true to life this is. Dogs really do pick up their owner’s habits, huh?

3. Cue the trumpets

Anyone else hear like “Careless Whisper” or the theme to Casablanca when looking at this picture?

4. Beauty guru fans know the struggle

How in the name of Fenty Beauty do people get so gosh darn good at make-up while the rest of us look like Bozo?!

5. There’s nothing wrong with this scene

To a person with arachnophobia, this is an appropriate reaction to dealing with a spider. 

6. Help your fellow being, people! 

Just because you don’t know the situation, doesn’t mean you can’t lend a hand to those in need, you know?


7. What a life, huh?

Ah yes, the wonderful feeling of a full tummy and no responsibilities. Clearly, cats have it all figured out and are the higher evolved beings.

8. There is no chill

Amazing how fast a horny guy can move under pressure, huh?

9. We’re not crying! You’re crying! 


10. Raccoons stealing ya garbage and ya cats

Raccoons with their tiny people hands. Clearly, they are devious. (Also get Rocket a Flerken in Guardians Vol. 3, James Gunn.) 

11. Squirrel being a freakin’ Halloween mood over here

This is horrifying and hilarious all at the same time.

12. If a cat can do it, then so can you! 

Remember to wear your face mask out in public!

13. One is much more preferable to the other

Clingy dogs are often preferable to a clingy bf.

14. This one is going places

This? This dog has the correct idea for true success in life.

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