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Explore the naked truth behind Britney Spears' touring trauma. Discover the reasons behind her struggles and the impact on her career and mental health.

As Britney Spears heads toward freedom, what can we expect from the singer in the future? See where the Free Britney movement will lead the icon.

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In more shocking news, Britney Spears's father Jaime petitioned the court to grant his daughter freedom. Who twisted his arm? The answer may surprise you.

Britney Spears’s naked pictures on Instagram have a way deeper meaning than many people might realize. Here's everything you need to know.

Are young fans of Britney Spears getting too "Toxic"? Dive into new allegations from Jamie Spears regarding death threats against him and his family.

Many will recall Chris Crocker's 2007 plea to "Leave Britney alone!" However, 2007 was a different time. Where does the viral star stand today on #FreeBritney?