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As Britney Spears heads toward freedom, what can we expect from the singer in the future? See where the Free Britney movement will lead the icon.

Did the Free Britney movement win? What happens next?

Today, the judge presiding over Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship case will give their evaluation as to whether the conservatorship can finally end. In acknowledgment of this, Spears & her fiance, Sam Asghari, shared photos of themselves in t-shirts displaying the words “Free Britney”. 

Though the court has already ruled that Spears be free of her father’s supervision, the conservatorship is still in place. Today’s hearing will determine whether or not the Free Britney movement will really help take Spears all the way to freedom. Fans can’t wait to find out if their favorite pop star will finally get what she wants after all these years. Spears has taken to Instagram to reiterate the outcome she’s wishing for.

History of Spears’ conservatorship

Back in 2008, after a series of erratic behaviors likely exacerbated by intense media scrutiny, Spears was put on a psychiatric hold two separate times. It was after this that the conservatorship at the center of all the controversy was established since Spears was thought to not be of a sound mind to care for herself at the time. 

After a reevaluation, the court decided to lengthen the duration of Spears’ conservatorship, keeping her life under the control of others indefinitely. Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was one of the conservators put in charge of his daughter. What was concerning was that, despite being legally considered unable to take care of herself, Spears was still forced to continue to work at a high volume. 

As the years passed, Spears stayed busy while under the control of the conservatorship. She continued to put out albums & tour them. She also served as a judge on a few seasons of The X Factor, and had a hugely successful residency in Las Vegas. All of these deals earned Spears & her conservators a great deal of money.

There were times when Spears let fans see how difficult the conservatorship was for her to be under. During one of the rare times she spoke publicly about living & working under the control & discretion of others, Spears was visibly distraught. It was things like this that led to the creation of the Free Britney movement by her most dedicated & concerned fans.

Everything changed for Spears when she finally spoke out in a court hearing this year, detailing the years of abuse she suffered. This led to her finally being able to choose her own attorney, and subsequently she & said attorney (Matthew Rosengart) were able to get her father to step down as her conservator. Today, Spears & her fans will hear whether the conservatorship will finally be dissolved altogether.

The Free Britney movement

Spears has been vocal in both her displeasure with the way she’s been taken advantage of & how grateful she is to her fans who have fought for her voice to be heard. Said fans have organized the Free Britney movement on the internet & gathered evidence of why Spears’ conservatorship is unethical. 

These same fans waited outside court hearings regarding Spears’ conservatorship to protest the unfairness of her situation & to listen to what she has had to say herself on the matter. It’s possible that the pressure from the public has had an impact on how quickly the tables have begun to turn for Spears. How much is owed to the fans can’t be known for sure, but Spears herself is very grateful. 

Today, after all of the leaps forward Spears has made — choosing her own legal representation, getting her father to step down, and getting engaged to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari — it could be that the last step towards her autonomy will be completed. 

What do you think the outcome of today’s hearing will be? Do you think the Free Britney movement has played a role in Spears’s recent freedoms? Let us hear your thoughts on all things Britney Spears in the comments!

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