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When the 2010s rolled around, Bynes had a series of infamous incidents. Since then, the star has been relatively quiet. What happened to Amanda Bynes?

What happened to Amanda Bynes?

Sometimes celebrities that have been prominent in the zeitgeist fade into obscurity. This phenomenon often happens after a scandal & seems common amongst former child stars. Many fans are left questioning what happened to these public personalities.

While there have been many public meltdowns from famous people, perhaps the most perplexing one in recent memory is that of Amanda Bynes. Nickelodeon’s breakout star of the late 90s, Bynes was featured on the sketch show All That & got her own spinoff with The Amanda Show.

Bynes’ prominence only grew in the 2000s, appearing in hit movies like She’s the Man & Hairspray. Amanda Bynes seemed as if she couldn’t be stopped. Yet when the 2010s rolled around, Bynes had a series of infamous incidents. Since then, the star has been relatively quiet. So, what happened to Amanda Bynes?

Bynes’ breakdown 

As her status as a child star began to fade with the arrival of the 2010s, it became apparent that Amanda Bynes was struggling. What happened that caused the star to be fodder for the tabloids? One of the first reported episodes occurred back in 2012 when she was convicted of driving under the influence in West Hollywood.

While the DUI charges were eventually dropped & Bynes went on probation, her troubles didn’t stop. Bynes was caught smoking marijuana in the lobby of her Manhattan apartment in May 2013. What happened when the cops showed up? Bynes apparently threw her bong from the window of the thirty-sixth floor. She was charged with possession & reckless endangerment.

Two months later, Bynes was arrested by the Ventura County sheriff’s department for supposedly starting a fire on a stranger’s property. The arson caused Bynes to be hospitalized for three days under a mental-health evaluation hold. Much like the case of Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes’ parents filed for conservatorship. 

Bynes tweeted in October 2014 that her father had sexually & emotionally abused her. Amanda’s parents claimed they did nothing wrong. Bynes rescinded her accusation, yet tweeted that her father had implanted a “microchip” in her brain that caused her to “say those things.” 

Amanda Bynes’ recovery

After the scandal involving Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account, the actress made it known that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Several years later her family motioned to continue the conservatorship until August 2020. In 2018, Bynes publicly stated she was four years sober thanks to her parents.

Bynes remarked that during her addiction phase she used cocaine & MDMA. However, the former Nickelodeon star said that Adderall was her drug of choice. Bynes has expressed regret for the outlandish statements she made on Twitter during her struggle with substance abuse.

What is Amanda Bynes up to?

Despite making tremendous steps towards healing, Amanda Bynes has been in the gossip columns lately. On Valentine’s Day last year, Bynes revealed her engagement to Paul Michael via an Instagram post. In a surprising twist of events, the couple’s engagement supposedly only lasted three weeks. Or did it?

Paul Michael came out & said that the statement about the couple’s breakup was false, caused by their Instagram accounts being hacked. Yet the Insta drama doesn’t stop there.

In March 2020, Amanda Bynes uploaded an ultrasound picture to her Instagram. The post stated that she & Michael were welcoming a baby into the world. Or were they? The photo was eventually removed from Bynes’ account & her attorney established that the pregnancy announcement wasn’t true.


Thanks to the publicity surrounding Britney Spears’ conservatorship, the #FreeBritney movement was able to help the singer regain her personal freedom. Now that Britney has won her legal battle, the activist group seems to have its sights set on aiding Amanda Bynes. 

#FreeBritney organizer Megan Radford stated that the group wants to turn their attention towards Bynes’ conservatorship. However, the supporters will only move to back Amanda Bynes after Britney Spears is officially out of her conservatorship. Don’t be surprised if you see #FreeAmanda on your feed soon.

After years of struggle with mental health & substance abuse, it looks like Amanda Bynes has hope for the future. Perhaps the #FreeBritney movement can help her. What do you think of what happened to Amanda Bynes? Let us know in the comments!

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