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It's Non-Binary Awareness week, folks! Kick off the celebrations by looking at this Instagram post from Demi Lovato.

Lizzo stays true to her "Cuz I Love You" lyrics as she defends Demi Lovato's preferred pronounces. Why is this moment caught on camera important?

Disney Channel had its heyday in the late nineties through the 2000s with great TV shows. Feed your nostalgia and take a leap at these classics with us!

The amazing 'Heart of Glass' singer Miley Cyrus has a home that is as beautiful as her voice. Wanna take a look inside? Check out the luxurious space

A new alien news show hosted by Demi Lovato? Why this new Peacock show might just make believers out of us all! We're confident that they're out there.

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Demi Lovato is making a comeback, and Twitter's abuzz about her new songs! Dive into the inspiration for Lovato's new album right here!

Demi Lovato releases her powerful music video for "Dancing with the Devil". Weep through everything as Lovato shares details of her overdose.

To promote her new docuseries 'Dancing with the Devil' Demi Lovato is talking about her overdose story and what led up to it.