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The nude truth: Why does Selena Gomez hate Kylie Jenner?

Selena Gomez is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, having started her career as a child actress before transitioning to become a successful musician. Along the way, she has had her fair share of celebrity rivalries, some of which have been highly publicized. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Selena’s most notable rivalries and how they have affected her career.

Past feuds

One of Selena’s most famous rivalries was with fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus. The two were both rising stars on the Disney Channel at the same time and often found themselves pitted against each other in the media. While Selena tended to be more reserved and demure, Miley was known for her wild antics and rebellious attitude. This led to a lot of comparisons between the two and even rumors of a feud.

In 2008, Selena and Miley both attended the Teen Choice Awards, and Miley appeared to snub Selena during her acceptance speech. Miley said, “I want to thank all the fans, because without them none of this would be possible,” before turning away from Selena, who was sitting in the front row. Selena’s reaction to the incident was captured on camera, and the footage went viral.

Despite the incident, Selena and Miley have both denied having any real animosity toward each other. In fact, Selena has spoken about her admiration for Miley’s talent and even covered one of her songs at a concert.

Another one of Selena’s notable rivalries was with fellow pop star Demi Lovato. The two were once best friends but had a falling out in 2010. Rumors flew about what caused the rift, with some saying it was over Demi’s struggles with addiction, and others claiming it was a professional disagreement. The two didn’t speak for years, but they eventually reconciled and have been supportive of each other in recent years.

Kylie Jenner vs. Selena Gomez

Recently, a new feud has taken over our social media feeds. It’s never been smooth sailing for Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez which has caused a rift between the whole group. Despite Hailey Bieber saying the two women are fine on the Call Her Daddy podcast and posing with Selena at a gala that same year. Now, Kylie Jenner is involved in a public spat and things aren’t looking good for the public figures.

It all began when Selena posted a selfie with the caption “I accidentally laminated my brows too much.” Kylie Jenner appeared to clap back with a selfie captioned “this was an accident ?????” Later on in the day, Kylie shared another screenshot which appeared to be a facetime call with Hailey Bieber and the pair showing off their perfectly groomed brows. 

As reported in Page Six, “Kylie’s former friends soon began taking Selena’s side; her ex-pal Pia Mia shared a TikTok tutorial using the star’s Rare Beauty brand while her song “Calm Down” played in the background, while her former BFF Jordyn Woods similarly gave Rare Beauty a shout-out on Snapchat.”

Selena Gomez is clearly over the drama and said in a TikTok live, “I’m gonna be taking a second from social media cause this is a little silly and I’m 30. I’m too old for this.” With a few shady comments on certain social media posts, it’s unclear whether Hailey Bieber and her friends will ever see eye to eye (or brow to brow). 

However, it appears Justin Bieber is clearly staying away from this online feud and hasn’t said a word since the internet began taking sides in an all-out war. Hopefully, we hear exactly what went down between the beauty gurus and if peace is even an option. 

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