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Since their debut, BTS is constantly asked about their dating lives. We're here to look at all the rumored girlfriends of BTS in 2020.

The certified BTS bop "Dynamite" celebrates its one year anniversary. Sing the lyrics with fellow fans in celebration of the event!

With 2021 closing in, fans are wondering if any of the BTS boys found love in 2020. Find out who their possible NYE kisses could be.

BTS performed at the MMAs, but with Suga out of commission, the boys brought a hologram Suga. Fans have mixed options, so check out the best memes.

It feels like 2020 has been the year of BTS as the band has blown up exponentially. We tried to figure out what inspired a surge in popularity.

Why isn't V from BTS flashing a smile in his latest photoshoot? Delve into V's best lewks, with or without his smile.

RM got honest during a BTS interview in April 2020 about an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. Learn how he overcame his heartbreak.

BTS continues to break records with their hit single "DNA". Learn how they're keeping their momentum going.

We all need a reason to smile in 2020, so BTS has us covered. Here's why you should check out their new mobile game.