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The certified BTS bop "Dynamite" celebrates its one year anniversary. Sing the lyrics with fellow fans in celebration of the event!

“Dynamite”: What’s the real meaning behind BTS’s lyrics?

Oh happy day, BTS fans! It’s been a year since the K-pop group’s English-language hit “Dynamite” was released. Of course, everything about the song is awesome from the great lyrics to the fun, bouncy beat to the vocals. Fans are still singing the praises of “Dynamite” a year later because, well, that BTS love runs deeper than any of the genius lyrics ever could.

So why not have some fun today of all days by seeing the celebration of BTS fans who are enjoying themselves on Twitter? 



The emotions of the fandom are high.


BTS do what they do

Have to vibe with that icon status.



Not only are the lyrics great, but “Dynamite” broke a lot of records for BTS.



Truly is the queen song.


Time flies

Hard to believe it was only a year ago!


Kings of “Dynamite”

Legends. Glorious. Fantastic.


Cue the dreamy sigh

Look at those moves.



And of course people are sharing their favorite “Dynamite” lyrics



Everyone remembers the shook feeling.


The BTS best capper

Happy one year anniversary!

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