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BTS performed at the MMAs, but with Suga out of commission, the boys brought a hologram Suga. Fans have mixed options, so check out the best memes.

Suga from BTS: All the memes about the holographic singer

When BTS performed at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on December 6th, one of the band members was not like the others. Suga joined the other six bandmates as a hologram during their performance of “Life Goes On”. He wasn’t able to be there in person since he’s recovering from a shoulder surgery due to a previous injury.

Suga showed up through a portal – it wasn’t a real portal, but the volumetric display technology really made it seem like one. Suga was recorded prior to the awards and then a 3D avatar was built from the recording.

The band’s record label, Big Hit Entertainment, announced in November Suga wouldn’t be participating in a lot of events promoting the new BTS album BE. However, the setback isn’t stopping him from being part of the excitement. BTS won four of the biggest MAMA titles this year, including Artist Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Worldwide Icon Of The Year.

BTS performed at the MMAs, but with Suga out of commission, the boys brought a hologram Suga. Fans have mixed options, so check out the best memes.

Hologram memes

BTS always delivers the most powerful performances. Even before Suga’s hologram entered the stage, the band looked & sounded wonderful. Without a hologram, fans no doubt would have still been flocking to Twitter to talk about the performance.

But a ton of tweets about BTS’s MAMA performances were referencing Suga’s hologram. Memes about Suga’s hologram were all over Twitter the night he unexpectedly made a virtual appearance. A lot of the memes referred to Suga as Yoongi, which is his real name.

Shook by Suga

BTS fans were already enamored by the other six bandmates on the stage. When Suga walked through the portal and joined in the song, they went even more wild. This tweet of someone covering their mouth while looking at a laptop is probably how a lot of fans reacted.

Two Sugas, please

Thinking two Sugas could be walking around and interacting with each other is too funny. One of them is the hologram Suga and one of them is the real Suga. This tweet brings that idea to life with the iconic “Spiderman pointing at Spiderman” meme.

Life changed by a hologram

Fans can get emotional when their favorite celebrity does something out of the ordinary. The Suga hologram did that for a lot of fans and this tweet encapsulates that astonished feeling.

When will the real Yoongi come back?

The Suga hologram was exciting for fans to see, but they’re also ready for the real Suga to return. One fan edited the singer into this clip from Spongebob where Plankton eats a hologram.

Who is the better hologram?

Suga isn’t the first singer to perform as a hologram. Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid performer, meaning she exists as a cartoon hologram. This meme jokes about Suga and Hatsune Miku fighting over which one of them is the best hologram performer.

Wait, Suga isn’t that tall

Some fans were tweeting about how the hologram Suga looked taller than the real Suga. This tweet jokes about his disproportionate height using a quote from Avengers’s Thanos.

Why must you hurt me?

Some BTS fans just can’t handle it when BTS pulls off something like this. They were so shook at how real the hologram looked. First, they were upset about missing Suga, but then the hologram really sent them into emotional overload. This tweet is a good example of how a lot of fans felt about Suga’s hologram.

Make sure you get this on video

During Suga’s holographic performance, fans were tweeting about it live, taking videos and photos for social media, and getting excited in the process. This tweet really summarizes this reaction from fans.

Get well soon, Suga

Although fans wanted to see all seven performers live on the stage, they understood Suga needed to rest & heal from surgery. Many fans wished him the best through his recovery while still sharing their fangirl memes.

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