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As we approach the start of the Qatar World Cup, it’s been 20 years since Brazil last lifted the famous trophy.

Meet Ruti Gomes, the upcoming Brazilian artist, producer, and nutritionist taking the world by storm with new music and projects galore!

Taty Pink is a Brazilian artist who is starting to get some recognition across the entire world. Discover her amazing work and fall in love today.

Joilson Melo is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur and law student. Learn more about Melo and his inspiring story here.

Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty' has had plenty of great twenty-minute eps across its three seasons. Here are ten of our absolute faves.

As we’ve seen from TikTok, you don’t need a mansion to have an impeccably designed home. Step inside the biggest houses in the world here.

President Joe Biden has officially extended certain COVID-19 related travel restrictions. Here's a look at where and why the travel bans are being enforced.

Now there is a new mystery to obsess over – a supposed UFO crash in Brazil. Here's our investigation into the mysterious UFO.

Sir Ian Holm was known by the later generations as bringing to life the lovable hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Here are his greatest roles.