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Taty Pink is a Brazilian artist who is starting to get some recognition across the entire world. Discover her amazing work and fall in love today.

Brazilian Artist Taty Pink Rising to International Prominence

With the music game changing drastically, the focus has shifted from disk sales to streaming sites. According to Statista, from the second quarter of 2021, Spotify boosted 165 million premium subscribers worldwide. This being a rapid increase from the 138 million premium subscribers in the previous year. The streaming site’s subscriber list is said to have since surpassed doubling its number of users since 2017. This is just one of the examples of how the music scene is constantly rebranding.

Deciding to enter the international music industry is more than just a matter of choice. Artists are under pressure to find new and innovative ideas to refurbish the industry so that they can create a permanent spot for themselves. Whilst not every artist gets immortalised with a star on Hollywood boulevard, they still are able to make a name for themselves by showcasing a unique voice that reaches people in a way that just words could not. One such artist is Brazilian singer/songwriter Taty Pink.

Growing up in an impoverished Sao Paulo community, Taty Pink has managed to find a way of transcending her childhood dream of being a music superstar into a reality. The pop artist is an ideal example of how never giving up on your dreams, hard work and talent is the perfect composition for a symphony of success. “I’m very determined and when I want something, I work unstoppable till I get it”, these are the words of the powerful singer on how she managed to get her international breakthrough.

Even though Taty Pink  grew up watching both of her parents struggle to provide for her family, she knew that she would not become a victim of her circumstance. Longing for a better life, the songstress always dreamed of moving away from her childhood community to venture out into the world, setting her sights firmly on the United States. But as time went by and Taty Pink grew out of her childhood, her dream of being a world-renowned musician seemed a far stretch from becoming a lucrative career path.

Claiming International recognition

At the age of 23, Taty Pink, was determined to give both herself and her kids a better life than she had, Taty began a successful modelling career for a large department store in Brazil. Her job had allowed her to jet-set off to the United States of America, where she would be exposed to artists and designers on an international level. The young-adult beauty was finally a step closer to her girlhood dream.

9 years after her big break as a model, Taty Pink eventually made the decision to move to the States, at the age of 32. She became an American citizen 4 years later, and she had generated a substantial following on her social media platforms, creating a profitable business collaborating with brands extensively on her Instagram page. Taty Pink  was already reaching an international audience and integrated her Brazilian flare to create content via her unique experience in Texas.

However, her move to Texas was only a step in the right direction, with her sights now set on California, Taty Pink was ready to up her tempo. She had travelled back and forth between the two states religiously for work, and California being a central hub for aspiring musicians and established ones alike was the ideal next stop on her road to stardom. The move would allow Taty to push herself to integrate her influential platforms to promote her own brand, Taty Pink. It was in California that Taty Pink would be placed 3rd in the Miss Jetset magazine beauty pageant. It would also afford her the opportunity to work with international singers, song writers and focus on collaborating with other Latin American music influencers.

The Future Of Taty

Taty Pink is currently living near Miami and is the proud mother of 5 children. Not allowing herself to stop at any obstacle, this multi-talented powerhouse released her first single in June 2021, with the mention of 2 more albums towards the end of the year. Encouraged by her icon Madonna, who also pushed past her difficult upbringing to make a name for herself and stay current in the music world, Taty Pink says “I was just a Latina girl, from the ghetto, and I just turned 44 years old. You shouldn’t give up on your dreams. I never had anything easy growing up.”

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