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Meet Ruti Gomes, the upcoming Brazilian artist, producer, and nutritionist taking the world by storm with new music and projects galore!

Meet Ruti Gomes – 3 in 1: Musical Artist, Producer, And Nutritionist

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, most people chose to eat an unhealthy diet while staying indoors. During those difficult times, only food and good music helped people to maintain their sanity. 

However, now that the pandemic is almost over, people realize the importance of eating healthy. Eating healthy, listening to good music, and exercising is the best way to feed your mind and soul; that’s what Ruti Gomes believes in. 

Born on July 08, 1989, Ruti Gomes is a smart and talented individual. She has an interest in music, production as well as nutrition. Based in Sinop, Brazil, Gomes is a student in the field of nutrition.

During college, Gomes was torn between her three favorite courses, i.e., nutrition, music production, and music art. With much reluctance, she settled for nutrition. Now she is a multitasker who is pro at creating music for gym lovers while simultaneously providing them with a healthy diet plan. 

Although she is a nutritionist by her degree, her true passion lies in creating music, mostly in the genre of hip-hop. Since the age of 15, she has been an avid listener of electronic music. Her love for electronic music grew with time, and she became more inclined towards Hip-Hop and Rap. 

Gomes’ songs have upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics that are enough to make the listener an immediate fan. Ruti Gomes is a complete package of beauty and talent. She has a knack for music production, along with beautiful vocals. However, due to her humbling nature, Gomes has decided to master the craft of music production before releasing her album to the public.

Nevertheless, her music singles have taken the hip-hop music industry by surprise. Gomes has produced her singles with the thought of providing gym lovers an upbeat music experience while they exercise. 

If you are interested in listening to her upbeat and rhythmic music while running on a treadmill, then you can stream it on all the leading music platforms, such as YouTube and SoundCloud. 

The names of music singles Ruti Gomes has so far released are: 

  • Dance Corporate Gym – Single 
  • Villain At The Gym – Single 
  • Fitness Gym – Single 
  • Energetic Retro Gym – Single 
  • Metal at the Academy – Single

Even though Ruti Gomes is following her passion for hip-hop music, she has not forgotten about her degree. Gomes also guides many people on the path to a healthy life. Her methods are not according to the social media trends but what she has learned in her course. They are backed by factual science and experience. 

She advises eating whole and fiber-rich food and drinking plenty of liquids. According to Gomes, the worst thing you could do to your body is fill it up with junk food. Her tip of living a healthy and peaceful life is to feed both your mind and soul through healthy food and good music. Ruti Gomes aims to be an icon among gym lovers, and she wants her songs to become an anthem of the gym. 

If you are interested in following her and listening to her beautiful songs, then you can follow her on her social media platforms.





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