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As we’ve seen from TikTok, you don’t need a mansion to have an impeccably designed home. Step inside the biggest houses in the world here.

Get design inspiration from the biggest houses in the world

As we’ve seen from TikTok, you don’t need a mansion to have an impeccably designed home. Yet, don’t we all still pine for an expensive estate? If you’re looking to renovate or just want to ogle at some of the biggest houses in the world, look no further. 

We’ve compiled a list of impeccably designed homes to inspire your inner architect. From Vietnam to Paraguay, these architectural gems are located all over the world! 

These modern spaces boast floor-to-ceiling windows, infinity pools, and one of a kind designed floor plans. Take a look these artistically designed homes:

911-Villa – Thảo Điền, Vietnam

Designed by VACO Design, this modern home is located in the luxurious Ho Chi Minh City. The minimalist design features a green courtyard and pool. Through the use of high reaching beams, each floor of the house is exposed with no dividing walls. You can even see your luxurious sports cars from your living room!

Inspired by traditional Vietnamese dress which layers thin, delicate fabrics, this home layers its numerous spaces. The open home also allows its residents to connect with Vietnam’s beautiful landscape. 911-Villa is truly a unique living space.

Casa Biblioteca – Vinhedo, Brazil

The Library House features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, revealing the surrounding lush greenery. Designed by Atelier Branco Arquitetura, this home is a beautiful retreat in the small town of Vinhedo. 

The home was designed for a scholarly client who wished for an oasis where he could study & relax. The glass home is located on a hill which faces the dense Atlantic forest. 

However, if you’re looking at the home from the main road all you’ll see is a flat, modernly lit concrete slab which is also the home’s rooftop. When you descend the entrance stairs, you will be led to the home’s main living area. 

Expertly designed, this artistic home is the perfect place for meditative study. 

Hillside House – San Bernardino, Paraguay

Located outside of the bustling city of Asuncion, this sleek home was designed by BAUEN. The lead architects Darío Mereles and Aldo Cristaldo have noted: “We can’t compete with the perfection and beauty of nature, we can only frame it and contemplate it.” Therefore, the home is beautifully immersed into the landscape.

The home features a beautiful pool which includes a waterfall pouring from the upper floor. Despite the concrete material, the home feels organic and tranquil.

Orum Residence – Los Angeles, California

The glamorous view of the City of Angels highlights this California home. With three floors and three separate wings, the home is shaped as a three-bladed propeller. It’s unique shape allows for an open and elongated style.

Creative director Judit M. Fekete stated: “The light in Los Angeles is very dynamic and can be both calming and energizing. As the site is positioned quite high above the city with almost no impediments, we wanted the house to capture the spirit of these dualities.”

The Orum Residence is a true Hollywood mansion but with its own unique twist.

Botanica House – Singapore

The Botanica House is located on a steep hill facing the world heritage botanical gardens. The home was designed by Guz Architects with an emphasis on Feng Shui and harmonious balance. 

The home’s design gives it a floating appearance, both light and natural. Of course, one of the biggest houses in the world also has a giant pool. The Botanica House features a pool which weaves throughout the home. The house is filled with natural sunlight and proves to be a masterwork in architectural design. 

House O – Ubud, Indonesia

Located in the iconic and scenic Ubud, Bali, House O is absolutely mesmerizing. Although it only has three bedrooms, this large house is anything but simple. Alexis Dornier designed this home for a composer looking for a tropical living space.

House O is surrounded by lush green rice paddies and swaying palm trees. The curved roof is an eye-catching detail. The curve is meant to represent flowing sound waves which honor the musical client. Dark wood and glass interiors create a modern yet natural atmosphere.

These expert architects inspire the world with their distinct & uncommon vision. These are some of the biggest houses in the world and are making us extremely jealous! The biggest houses in the world also have the highest price tag that we just can’t afford.

We hope these huge houses have inspired you and your inner designer spirit! Let us know in the comments below which of these homes you’d live in! 

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