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Venice Beach and its boardwalk are now seemingly overflowing with homeless occupants. Just what should the state of California do after endless complaints?

Online poker is a popular activity throughout the country. Find out whether online poker is illegal to play in California.

Celebrities have the power & money to live pretty much wherever they want. Step inside these luxury mansions in Los Angeles.

The world is too big and beautiful not to explore! Travel to California this summer and browse through our magnificent destination ideas.

The 2020 Census results are finally in, and already, states are gaining and losing representation. Find out if your state is gaining or losing a House seat here.

Sacramento is a lovely locale in California. Learn about the place and the various locations in Sacramento.

Los Angeles was just hit with another earthquake in the morning today. Why are there so many earthquakes in Los Angeles right now? Find out why here.

A giant container ship blocked the Suez Canal for days on end. Could this Southern California shipping backup replace the Suez canal?

The latest earthquake to hit California definitely happened along with a couple others. Learn everything you need to know about these quakes.