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Long Beach, California has stunning waterfronts, historic landmarks, and lively arts scene. Here's why you should visit.

Explore the intriguing world of mushroom art and its connection to legalization. Dive into a captivating mushroom drawing phenomenon!

Here are the best ways to find Halal food and the best restaurants in California.

Critics are calling Paul Thomas Anderson's ninth movie, 'Licorice Pizza' one of his very best. Explore the heavy scrutiny the film faces today.

The electric car is finally gaining the recognition it deserves as more and more people get smart about their impact on the Earth and how they navigate it.

As California rolls out marijuana legalization, hemp and CBD are making their way into hospitals. Find out what progress has been made today.

Is Elon Musk using his hefty net worth to make a big move for his Tesla company? Find out why the CEO decided to move Tesla headquarters to

Do you think Paul Flores is responsible for the killing of Kristin Smart? We have some information suggesting he might me. Learn more now!

They say you have to work like you don't have kids and raise kids like you don't work. Melissa Rowland is throwing that tired chestnut away. You can