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Is being stuck at home causing George and Amal Clooney to split? Peek inside their home renovations that started at the worst time.

Planning your post-quarantine vacation? We recommend Santa Barbara, CA. Here are all the reasons to visit the city.

California is burning – as are Northern neighbors Oregon, & Washington. Why is this happening and what can we do about wildfires?

It may not have been an accident that California is on fire. Police investigated incidents near existing wildfires and already arrested suspects for arson.

California is currently on fire due to a gender reveal party gone wrong. People let their frustrations out in meme form.

What's happening with the wildfires in California today? Here's how a gender reveal party went so wrong and caused mass destruction.

Right now, massive wildfires ravage California and the rest of the West Coast. See the landscape today and discover the horrifying conditions.

Is it a boy? A girl? Who cares about the gender of a baby when it causes a wildfire. Here are the very best memes roasting the gender-reveal

Lyft & Uber said they would have to shut down temporarily to rework their businesses. Here's a timeline of Lyft and Uber vs California.