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Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world and his real estate portfolio is perfect proof. Here are all the impressive mansions he owns.

Collector of mansions: See all the outrageous houses Jeff Bezos owns

Jeff Bezos has been dominating the news cycle this week thanks to his announcement that he’s stepping down from his position as CEO of Amazon later this year.

As one of the richest men in the world, he can spend his money however he pleases – probably without much thought. And what better way to spend your billions than on real estate? At least, that must be Bezos’s mentality since he reportedly owns over $500 million worth of properties.

Want a glimpse into the ultimate life of luxury? Here’s a look at all of Jeff Bezos’s mansions & properties.

Medina, Washington

Of course, since Amazon started in Seattle, Washington, Bezos needed a home in the area. In 1998 he purchased a 20,600 square-foot home in the Seattle neighborhood of Medina – a highly sought after neighborhood. In 2005, Bezos purchased a neighboring home and combined the mansions into one property.

The second home was much smaller with 8,300 square-feet.

Together the two properties provide Jeff Bezos with about 310 feet of private shoreline access. He paid for $28 million dollars worth of renovations in 2010 making the estimated worth of the now massive property approximately $118 million today.

Beverly Hills, California

Seattle is one of the big tech hubs in the U.S., but you can’t forget about Silicon Valley either. Bezos seemingly decided he needed a California home for when he inevitably needed to travel to the Golden State.

He owns a $165 million mansion that was purchased from producer David Geffen. The home is 12,254 square-feet and resides near the coveted Sunset Boulevard. It has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a European garden, Koi pond, cobblestone driveway, waterfalls, tennis court, and more. Can someone say “the dream”?

The home is said to have hand-carved doors, fresco walls, and plank wood floors stylistically distressed.

New York, New York

Bezos doesn’t just own mansions, he also has four apartments in New York – and they’re all in the same building. The apartments are worth around $17.5 million dollars combined. The building is near Central Park.

The apartment building has homed other famous names including actor Matthew Perry and composer George Gershwin. Bezos purchased the first three apartments in 1999 and a fourth in 2012. The 33-story building had over 400 residences.

He also owns five floors of a 24 floor building on Fifth Ave. It’s said that he plans to combine the five floors into one mega condo that will total 17,000 square feet.

Washington D.C.

In 2016 Bezos paid $23 million for what used to be a textile museum – then spent $12 million in renovations. It’s clear Jeff Bezos loves huge mansions. This one is 27,000 square-feet.

The building was originally built in 1914, boasts Roman columns and brick exterior, as well as multiple balconies, a fountain, and private garden with brick arches on the walkways. The home has eleven different fireplaces, eight full bathrooms, and ten bedrooms.

In January he also purchased a 4,800 square foot home across the street in 2020. That home has five bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, and a wine cellar that can hold 700 bottles. Plus a roof deck to enjoy the wine on.

Western Texas

Somewhere in western Texas, Jeff Bezos has what is possibly one of the craziest mansions ever. It’s a 30,000 acre property with four bedrooms.

Bezos kept most of the original decorations including deer-antler chandeliers, historical imagery of the ranch, guest house, barn, and oak furniture.

The crazy part? It’s also the place where his company Blue Origin performs some rocket launch tests. We’re not even entirely sure how that’s legal, but apparently it is.

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