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Joilson Melo is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur and law student. Learn more about Melo and his inspiring story here.

Joilson Melo: Young Brazilian Student Stands Out For His Unparalleled Legal Knowledge

Entrepreneurial Drive, Unparalleled Legal Knowledge, and a Humble Personality: Joilson Melo’s Inspiring Story

A report conducted by Global Insights considered the extent of access to justice on a global level- comparing the relative comparative data of over 100,000 people in over 100 countries. 

Unsurprisingly, the study revealed that the widespread nature of the legal injustice is quite prolific. Ordinary people- particularly those in low income brackets and within economically developing nations, regularly face legal problems relating to: their housing, education, health, employment and- most importantly, access to legal services. 

Elizabeth Andersen- the current Executive Director of the World Justice Project, went on record stating how this revelation ‘’should concern us all’’ due to the heavy burden that this places on the ‘’hearts’’ of individuals’ economic, social, and physical well-being. 

The study found that almost half (49%) of the individuals surveyed had faced a problem of legal nature within the last two years. Of course, the severity and pervasiveness of the problem varied significantly depending on the country in question, but regardless, most issues related to: unconscionable threats, extortion, inadequate insurance claims, and landlord disputes over tenancy agreements. 

Additionally, over 43% of the people questioned revealed that their experienced legal issue significantly impacted their day-to-day life. From that 43%, approximately 30% reported that they sustained a prolific amount of both mental and physical health defects as a direct result of their legal problems, and roughly 23% ended up losing their primary job and having to relocate to another area.

‘’The problem is worsened by the fact that the vast majority of persons are not legally educated to a sufficient degree so as to understand when they are eligible for a legal remedy.’’- says Joilson Melo, a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur and law student. 

This has been repeatedly backed up by data, which indicates that almost two thirds of the people who have been legally wronged chose not to seek any form of legal advice or demand any sort of legal remedy. 

This can be a result of both: a) a lack of income which can mean that persons are not allowed to seek legal advice or hire a lawyer to represent them, and b) a lack of an ability to ascertain legal problems and possible remedies. 

Joilson Melo is currently studying law at the Fasip Faculty in the city of Sinop. Born and raised in an underprivileged and humble family, his journey of successful entrepreneurship and self-education should undoubtedly serve as an example to all. 

Starting Out: An Inspiring Journey

When Joilson Melo was barely nine years old, he relocated with his family in search of a better and more balanced life. His inherently intelligent nature and professional curiosity saw him reap significant benefits from a very young age. 

At just twelve years of age, Joilson purchased his very first computer. Within a couple months, he had independently taught himself a plethora of programming languages- including Delphi, C ++, JavaScript, Html, and CSS. He used this skill to begin creating software systems and individual websites for business owners at age 14- making his first few dollars using the AdSense program. 

As soon as he turned 16, he was hired by a colossal company in São Paulo (called Zero9 do Brasil Servicos Digitais Ltda) which specialised in mobile services. According to Joilson Melo, his partnership with the company between 2007 and 2014 was what allowed him to make his first ‘’fortune’’.

Joilson then segued into the farming industry, purchasing a farm in the interior of Mato Grosso, a move that turned out to be extremely fruitful for him.

Next Step: Studying Law and Challenging Legal Injustice

Two years ago (in 2019), the now successful entrepreneur decided to commence his legal studies in the city of Sinop. A multi-talented individual, he ascertained and dissected visceral problems within the Brazilian legal justice system from as early as his second semester.

He quickly realised that the Brazilian legal sector highly favoured those with high incomes, as the disadvantaged in society that could not afford their own legal representation were not eligible to file claims (and consequently seek adequate legal remedies). 

Knowing this, Joilson Melo filed a request against the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso (TJMT) and argued that parties not represented by legal counsel in the Special Courts should have the right to petition remotely. 

The National Council of Justice (CNJ) which is the representative body of all the Courts of Justice within the Brazilian sector, recognised that it was in fact possible for Brazilian citizens who have a certificate to file suits without the need to be represented by an active lawyer. 

This goes a long way into addressing judicial injustice in Brazil, as the ruling ensures that the individuals who cannot afford to hire a lawyer will not be bottlenecked in relation to their future legal disputes.

Final Take: A National Achievement

As a result of his innovative and seemingly immeasurable achievement in the legal sector, Joilson Melo has been recognised by a plethora of Transnational firms within Brazil, as well as by some of the country’s industry-leading lawyers.

Despite still being a law student, his passion for self-learning and his drive to significantly improve the society he lives in has propelled his popularity in recent years, and crowned him as a civil icon within Brazil.

We hope you enjoyed reading.

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