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The best way to learn about film is from other filmmakers. We’ve collected some inspirational quotes from the industry’s leading talents & classic auteurs.

Last night, the Oscars were fuller than usual of snubs. Here’s Film Daily’s 2019 edition of how The Oscars should have ended.

With the latest tactic to combat the Oscars's low ratings (cutting award presentations in favor of commercials), this year we’re asking: “Who cares?!”

With people gathering to enjoy Oscar Night, we’ve been looking at ways to spice up proceedings. What could be better than Oscars bingo?

If every 'Twin Peaks' fan is being honest, we all expected the Emmy nominations to completely screw over what we all know to be one of the greatest

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – Netflix is on the brink of world domination. In the latest news to come from the Netflix monopoly,

Jane Fonda laughs off a post-Cannes hangover, explains her understandable disdain for open-mouthed slobbering love scenes of modern movies, and shares her excitement at enjoying a thriving career

To people of a certain age, political documentary filmmaker Michael Moore represents the woke rebellion of their youth. Except as the years have dwindled miserably by it’s clear

Emily Watson may have celebrated her 50th birthday last year, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit. In recent months, the high-profile British actress has turned her