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A Look at This Year’s Oscars

It’s coming up to Oscar’s time again and after a terrible two years for the film industry, it feels as if there’s finally something to get excited about. As usual, there are some big-name nominees and lots of predictions about who might be taking home the trophy. Who’s most likely to win depends on what critic you listen to, but last year there were some huge surprises so it could be anyone.

this year oscars

A Look Back at The 2021 Oscars

One of the biggest surprises last year was that of Chadwick Boseman. Most critics predicted that he would win Best Actor; suspicions were raised when the Best Actor announcement was moved to the end of the night instead of Best Picture. 

Fans took this as a sign that Boseman would be posthumously awarded best actor with extra time to honour his memory. This made the shock defeat to Anthony Hopkins hit even harder. Boseman wasn’t the only shock of the 2021 Oscars. Underdog Mank took home the title of Best Cinematography. 

Another surprise came in the form of The Father winning Best Adapted Screenplay, triumphing over Borat 2 and Nomadland. Critics did consider this category to be a closer race, but a lot of fans were expecting Nomadland to win right up until the name was called.

this year oscars

What About This Year?

With 2021 being such an unpredictable year at The Oscars, what are the critics saying about the upcoming event?

2022 is likely to be an interesting year at The Oscars. With so much uncertainty in the world, there haven’t been any overwhelming successes at the box office. However, after last year’s Best Picture winner didn’t even gross $4million in America there’s definitely room for improvement.

Starting with a potential underdog, Spider-Man: No Way Home is making serious waves despite only being released a few months ago and could be a serious contender for best picture. A lot of critics don’t feel that Marvel movies are deserving, but they can’t deny that the latest addition to the Spiderman universe has had a hugely positive effect on the footfall in cinemas.

this year oscars

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast has seen mixed reviews from critics and movie buffs alike but, after unexpectedly winning the People’s Choice Awards at Toronto International Film Festival, the coming of age drama has a serious shot at winning. 

Belfast seems to split the vote with critics, but having beat out more obvious contenders like Dune there’s no doubt that Belfast has made an impression on film fanatics and even some critics.

Moving on from Best Picture to focus on individuals, there are a few names that are splitting the vote. Andrew Garfield has already won Best Actor at the Golden Globes for his appearance in Tick, Tick…Boom! so of course, he’s high up on the list to win at The Oscars.

this year oscars

It’s not a done deal though as Garfield is up against some huge names. Will Smith was nominated for his performance in King Richard, and Benedict Cumberbatch saw his name entered for The Power of the Dog. We’ve been surprised before, but it’s tough to beat such household names.

Turning attention to Best Actress, Kristen Stewart might finally shed her Twilight type-casting with her incredible performance as Princess Diana in Spencer. 2022 really is a fight between the biggest names in Hollywood, with Nicole Kidman receiving a nomination for Being The Ricardos, or Parallel Mothers star Penelope Cruz who’s no stranger to Oscars trophies.

There are even some newcomers to look out for. Rachel Zegler is a strong contender to win Best Actress after receiving rave reviews from critics and film buffs for her role as Maria in West Side Story. It’s no great surprise really, as anything that Steven Spielberg creates seems to have awards flowing fairly soon after release.

this year oscars

Where To Bet

It can be hard to predict any event like this with any real accuracy, every year seems to bring about a set of surprise winners that no one expected. However, according to this Oscars odds tracker if you look at the people above then you won’t go far wrong. 

As ever, if you are looking to bet on an event like this make sure you do some research and try your best to get the timing of any bet right – odds change all the time so keeping an eye on both film industry news and an odds tracker is the best possible way of making user you have a good chance of a successful bet.

this year oscars

The Future of the Film Industry

2022 is the year that the film industry finally starts to feel a little more normal again, and it truly is anyone’s guess who will win some of the most major awards this year. The slow recovery of the box office has allowed lesser-known directors to shine and provided a launchpad for new talent. 

The film industry is getting exciting again, and only time will tell who brings home the trophy on the night. The film industry, like many, took a hit during 2020 and 2021 when movements were restricted, and in most scenarios filming had to be stopped for a period of time. 

A knock-on effect of this was things like editing and producing were also halted, meaning that new films were delayed or canceled altogether. As the world starts to return to normal, the entertainment and filming industry has started to open back up and create movies once again.

this year oscars

With the box office starting to also pick up once again it is likely that we’ll see some big-name movies restart production once again, which means that when we look at the Oscars in 2023 and beyond it could very well be a different set of names that we’re looking out for. 

The movie industry has certainly done its best to fight back against any difficulties due to lockdowns and restrictions and the fact that the Oscars can go ahead in 2022 is a sign that the industry is looking forward and starting to return to normal.

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