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Actor, producer, and director Enzo Zelocchi is taking some time out from his busy schedule to serve as executive producer for an upcoming Anthony Hopkins movie.

Executive Producer Enzo Zelocchi Attached to Oscars Contender Freud’s Last Session

As recently revealed on IMDB, actor, producer, and director Enzo Zelocchi is reportedly taking some time out from his busy schedule to support another Hollywood multi-talent, Matt Brown, whose latest film project Freud’s Last Session is set to star Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins.

Just like Zelocchi, Brown has amassed an impressive cinematic resume, with a mighty list of writing, producing, and directing credits that only continues to grow. Having drawn past praise for films such as The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) starring Dev Patel, and London Town (2016) starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Brown’s magnetic talent is attracting many of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Enzo Zelocchi, known for writing, starring in, and producing titles such as My Little Princess (2010) and Unbreakable Souls (2016) will be wearing the hat of executive producer for Freud’s Last Session.

Tipped as a potential Oscars contender by Variety Magazine, this exhilarating and fantastical retelling of an intriguing period of Sigmund Freud’s life will represent a fresh run at accolades for Zelocchi, who has already collected more than 280 awards for his movie career to date.

Meanwhile, leading actor Anthony Hopkins—who also boasts producing and directing credits—will surely be looking forward to the opportunity to garner a third Academy Award, having already enjoyed success at the Oscars for his performances in The Silence of the Lambs and The Father.

Crafted with a budget of $11.5 million dollars, Freud’s Last Session will treat intellectually inclined audiences to a reimagined episode towards the end of Freud’s life. Written by Mark St. Germain, the movie’s plot is set to introduce the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Freud to the iconic author C.S. Lewis, pitting the pair in a battle of wits and wonder as they debate the existence of God.

It’s no surprise that such a stimulating and star-studded project would appeal to Enzo Zelocchi, who is never afraid to take on something new. The Hollywood creative recently took his first foray into the world of documentary film directing, collaborating with writer and producer T.J. Mancini for his passion project A War Hero with Vin Diesel attached as executive producer.

Zelocchi has also been busy outside the scope of Hollywood, launching the wellness-focused startup A-Medicare, which is touted to become a revolutionary new “Amazon” for healthcare, aiming to serving users all around the globe.

However, dedicated followers need not worry that Zelocchi’s entrepreneurship will steal him away from the silver screen. Alongside his work as executive producer for Freud’s Last Session, the Italian-American leading man will also be stepping in front of the camera for the upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi blockbuster The Source. Movie buffs and Enzo Zelocchi fans, be sure to watch this space!

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