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Meet bold Italian-American filmmaker Enzo Zelocchi, a Hollywood heartthrob who is shaking up the role of the producer by bringing his fans along for the ride.

Actor, producer, and director Enzo Zelocchi is taking some time out from his busy schedule to serve as executive producer for an upcoming Anthony Hopkins movie.

As Marvel's next Phase evolves, who better to mightily soar through the waves and the skies as the Sub-Mariner than American-Italian action star Enzo Zelocchi?

Enzo Zelocchi has stolen hearts on the international film festival circuit with his latest film No War, weaving a tale of survival set in modern-day Ukraine.

Upcoming blockbuster The Source has been compared to The Crow and Mad Max. Discover why Enzo Zelocchi is set to be your next favorite apocalyptic anti-hero.

Millions of sci-fi fans await the adrenal upcoming release of Enzo Zelocchi's The Source.

Enzo Zelocchi dons many hats in the making of his newest project, 'No War.' Grab a tissue and get ready to be moved by this heartwarming story!

Still watching boring action films? Thanks to 'Starlight Man: The First Secret' actor Enzo Zelocchi we don't have to! Check out the rising star!