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Enzo Zelocchi’s ‘The Source’ Tops Our Action Movie Wish List for 2023

In a world that keeps throwing annoying things like viruses and economic strife at us all, wouldn’t you agree that what we all really need is a blood-pumping, imagination-fuelling action flick to take our minds off things? Well, Enzo Zelocchi to the rescue! Yes, we’re excited to reveal that we’ve just got word of something huge. The movie-making cogs behind Zelocchi’s pandemic-delayed production “The Source” have just started turning again.

Yes, the acclaimed actor-director who brought us fun flicks such as Angels Apocalypse and Silence Speaks, heart-felt tales such as My Little Princess, and on-the-pulse action such as No War is at it again. This time, Zelocchi is intent on treating the world to his very favorite film genre, sci-fi, and from what we’ve heard about the project so far, he’s not going to disappoint. 

That Time When the Trailer for “The Source” Broke Worldwide Records

When the pandemic struck back in 2020, Zelocchi found himself having to let go of the reins of more than one movie in production. Rather than leaving his fans with nothing to go on, he decided to drop trailers for the movies as they were so far, and among these was a video that would soon become legend.

The trailer for “The Source” not only revealed that Zelocchi had once again teamed up with award-winning actor Joe Cortese, but also reminded us all what excitement, fantasy, and justice felt like when we were all stuck in quarantine. 

This was obviously a winning formula, because the viewer numbers just kept climbing. Before long, the trailer for “The Source” on Instagram reached over 200 million views and broke worldwide records in the history of social media.

“THE SOURCE” trailer from Enzo Zelocchi on Vimeo.

What Else Do We Know About Upcoming Movie The Source?

Following the tantalizing details seen in that ground-breaking trailer, Zelocchi has offered up a number of delicious details about this soon-to-be-completed project in recent interviews. Speaking to The Reserve, the actor-director shared that The Source’s script draws from some of his own dreams and is set to be ‘The Crow’ meets ‘Mad Max’ with Tim Burton’s touch in a futuristic dimension.” Now, that sounds like a true opportunity for cinematic escapism!

Getting us all on the hook for this release even more, Zelocchi has also revealed that “The Source” will feature friendly aliens who are trained to protect the universe while also keeping the balance with other parallel dimensions. Fellow sci-fi nerds will surely agree, this sounds like multi-faceted thematic heaven, with endless possibilities to explore. I mean, they haven’t even finished filming yet, and I can already hear your hushed but hurried whispers of the word “sequel, sequel, sequel!”…

Enzo Zelocchi Showcases His Multi-Talent Once More With “The Source”

Adding to the prestige of Zelocchi’s own decorated cinematic track record, veteran actor Joe Cortese is also bound to contribute a mighty presence to the production. The star of the Academy Award-winning movie “The Green Book” first worked with Zelocchi on the 2012 project “A War Hero”, for which Zelocchi produced and directed, T.J. Mancini produced, and Vin Diesel served as executive director.

If you’re excited to jump aboard for the thrill ride that “The Source” promises, be sure to check out its trailer on Zelocchi’s own Instagram, Vimeo, or YouTube. You’ll be joining millions of sci-fi fanatics who eagerly await this fun and adrenal upcoming release. So come join your clan, with popcorn at the ready!

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